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HLEP (Hybrid Learning Ecosystem Platform)

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Theory Of Change In Education

The goal of education is to help students identify their unique contribution to a more thriving future, and to empower them with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets they will need to do so. Issue: The number of young learners with the skills and well-being to be hired by local and global businesses is insufficient.


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Target group
May 2024
Next Generation students need to learn how to think critically, solve problems as well as apply their academic knowledge around humanity, character building, life skills, and out of the box learning.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

What are we teaching today?
Who are they learning from?
Where did they learn?
How can they survive in the Next Generation?

These are the questions everyone had been asking for the past 10 to 15 years, what kind of education will replace the classical historical industrial model.

There is an increasing number of people asking themselves:
“ Where do they learn in their everyday lives? ”

What does your innovation look like in practice?

This is an approach to creative problem-solving; it is a student-centered approach to innovation. Researchers say that most students don't consider themselves creative, but that's wrong, everyone is creative, and that's why we bring systems thinking into education.
It is our belief that by knowing this kind of approach, students can unleash their creativity and feel capable of coming up with routinely wonderful ideas.
A holistic approach starts with the students. It's about putting their needs at the forefront. It's about simple mindset shifts and new ways of looking at problems through empathy and collaboration.
We employ four lenses to bring focus to an idea in order to achieve both success and meaning: school, home, community, and society based learning.
Creating something that makes students' lives better ensures that we are making a positive difference. In home-based learning, inner development is enhanced. There are many phases of systems thinking, so we find it helpful to teach

How has it been spreading?

The emphasis we place on user experience has led to a large community of "Hybrid Learning Ecosystem Platform" users who continue to bring "HLEP" to new schools every year through word of mouth. HLEP is very user friendly and makes learning a lot more enjoyable for students and parents. Furthermore, we partner with teaching associations like SEL, Life Skills, STEM, Outside-the-Box Learning, Virtual Field Trips and other organizations that align with our mission and focus of bringing the benefits of "HLEP" to schools across the globe.

We began as a way offer educators to meet the need to a variety of ways to access professional development. "HLEP" was conceived in the year of 2020 and launched in the year of 2021

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The following schools/organizations are most welcome to evaluate the efficacy of "Hybrid Learning Ecosystem Platform": here:

Over the past year, we have scaled our user base in Canada, India and built a strong development team to upgrade our end-to-end school solutions. Several awards and recognitions have also been given to us.

Implementation steps

Despite the proliferation of EdTech platforms with similar goals, there is a significant lack of collaboration among them to drive large-scale change and impact in education. This fragmentation prevents the realization of a cohesive and powerful educational transformation.
HLEP EdTech bridges this gap by integrating formal and informal education with active community engagement. Our approach creates a holistic learning environment that connects students, educators, parents, and the broader community, fostering a supportive and interconnected educational ecosystem.
The HLEP EdTech platform is a SaaS-based, resilient ecosystem designed to unlock each learner's greatest potential. Through transformative education, it delivers personalized learning experiences that adapt to individual needs, promoting growth and success for every student.

Spread of the innovation

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