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Empowering social mobility through oral proficiency.

The ability to communicate effectively in any language is a way to facilitate positive, economic change and encourages social mobility. Unfortunately, exposure to practice oral skills in language learning is limited. Speechsquare is an AI speech analytics company that allows learners to build speaking confidence while providing teachers with valuable advanced insights and visualizations.


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Target group
April 2024
As confidence in language speaking creates new opportunities, we hope to see a shift in access to employment and education. This drives positive economic change and social mobility. It, ultimately, enhances individuals' and their family livelihood.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Overworked language teachers, limited emphasis on oral skills, and little to no individual feedback for the learners. These are common problems in language learning. Learners miss out on the benefits of oral proficiency.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We believe the best technical way to solve this, is to provide an AI-driven speech analytics platform that reduces the cognitive load for educators while simultaneously providing learners with instant personalized feedback.

Speechsquare is using a proprietary AI model to analyze the spoken text up to the phoneme. We run a content-agnostic platform that allows educators to upload or create their content within seconds. Educators can adapt speech recognition sensitivity depending on the proficiency level of the learner. Learners receive an immediate confidence score and personalized feedback upon completion. Educators will obtain advanced analytics for each individual learner, the content, and the overall oral proficiency progress of the cohort.

How has it been spreading?

Speechsquare is designed and optimized for 7 languages: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese English, French, German, and Spanish.

1. Developed successful global demo partnerships across key target audiences (language schools, K12 schools, universities, Edtech)
2. Selection to Asia-edition of AWS EdStart Acceleration Program
3. Awarded AWS Activate status with tech funding to boost growth

Impacting how languages are learned in Southeast Asia.
We flip the classroom, letting learners prepare in the comfort of their homes and bringing their challenges into the classroom. By that time they feel empowered and confident to speak up impacting the learning dynamics in class.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We run a 1-month trial program aimed at university & K12 languages centers as well as language schools globally. Just head to or contact

Implementation steps

Create Content
Upload any type of digital content that your learners should practice
Review Content
Edit your created content and amend the speech recognition tolerance depending on the language proficiency
Create Squares
Organize your content in Squares, our learning units.
Assign Learners
Assign Learners to the Squares so that they can practice the content.
Let them SPEAK!
You are up and running. The process takes no more the 2 minutes and you create new opportunities for your learners!

Spread of the innovation

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