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Green Passport Goes Around the World (Hộ chiếu xanh đi quanh thế giới)

A groundbreaking, award-winning global citizenship community that aims to help young Vietnamese generation succeed in the globalization era

The scope of our work includes organizing online and offline events and training sessions at schools, universities, and companies, publishing educational books, teaching foreign languages, sharing information about studying and working opportunities abroad, providing stipends for students to go abroad, and connecting Vietnamese scholars and young professionals worldwide.


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April 2020
No matter if your passport has a green, red or blue cover, no matter what your nationality is, those facts themselves cannot decide the course of your life; that is something only you can do.

About the innovation

Knowledge is the most powerful passport that will help you open doors to the world!

What we do?

The main goal of our community is to help young Vietnamese people develop necessary knowledge and skills to be job-ready for today's globalized world.

Education is key for us. Therefore, we regularly organize webinars, remote conferences and workshops throughout Vietnam in Vietnamese, English and Spanish languages on a wide variety of topics, including traveling, studying, and working abroad, soft skills, culture, foreign languages, study and career orientation, to name a few. We connect Vietnamese people nationally and internationally to help them find study buddies, partners, colleagues and friends. Thanks to our ambassadors, we have Green Passport clubs at high schools and universities in different parts of Vietnam. We organize competitions in presentation in English to help the participants improve their English and presentation skills. We mentor and support youth with their community building ideas and startups. We have organized volunteering and donation days, during one of which small kids from kindergarten helped us raise money for homeless people during Christmas time.

Since 2016, we have collaborated with hundreds of talented young people between the ages of 13 and 30, living in all parts of Vietnam and in other countries like Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Czechia. The team members work together regardless of their place of residence, age, or educational background. We value diversity and equality, hard work and positive attitude. Despite their young age, our members have gained extraordinary professional experiences in their fields of study. For instance, they have had opportunities to interact and negotiate with CEOs, become published authors, interview inspirational leaders, manage global projects, lead marketing campaigns, design books and merchandises, and organize multiple events in different parts of Vietnam. In Vietnam, many companies are still reluctant to give students and recent graduates a chance to proof their abilities. We hope that our project will help change this situation. 

Beside the definition of “global citizenship”, our community has also created a list of 77 goals to become a global citizen. It is a set of core values and commitments that fully define our community culture. These include the goals that help young people determine what skills they should focus on improving, how to keep up with global trends and become knowledgeable in many areas, how to become fluent in foreign languages, have a global mindset, live healthily and sustainably, and gain access to opportunities that enable them to eventually become successful in life. These goals are highly relevant and practical for Vietnamese people. Our commitment to those values has encouraged countless initiatives and voluntary programs with a positive impact on many people.

Why we do it?

Today, our community has over 90,000 members on social media and our books have sold tens of thousands of copies, but the biggest achievement for us is to see young people fulfilling their dreams, enhancing their knowledge and skills, getting their dream jobs, knowing how to grab opportunities, and getting out of their comfort zone to travel, study, and work wherever they want.

We realized that we could make a huge impact on the lives of those whom we would probably never meet!

Spread of the innovation

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