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Solution for intergenerational dialogue about education, which is necessary for the collective desirable future

Community Learning Labs

Community Learning Labs is a simple open source technology for collective thinking sessions to form intergenerational conscious order for education needed to collectively construct desirable future. Laboratories on "Education for desirable future" involve all participants of education process into search of best solutions to empower people become constructors of common greater good.
One of the key challenges of the Wave of laboratories is the empowerment of social connections and the voluntary intention to make the world a better place.

Lika Chekalova, author,

about the innovation

What is Community Learning Labs?

What we do?

Why we do it?

Laboratory effects:

- for children and parents: awareness of how to become the authors of their development, how to notice and implement educational opportunities in everyday life, how to learn to agree among themselves and act jointly;

- for educators: understanding how the development of metadisciplinary skills is embedded in their daily practice, and what to look for in order for this development to occur - both with students and with them;

- for developers and implementers of educational solutions: nailing the solutions which respond to acute students' demands, which are accepted and motivate to perform better, and where are the most unrgent shortages in terms of working practices.

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Образование для будущего
Until the end of 2018, our open labs for local changemakers, teachers, parents and kids were maily held by a small team, as lab technology was undergoing the experimental stage. By the end of 2018, the technology was quite clear, so we decided to open it. In December 2018, I wrote a post on my Facebook page, with short description of lab's objectives and values and invitation to adopt the technology and organize a lab. The post went viral and gave a birth to a community of educators interested both in developing futures literacy in their places and involving all stakeholders into horizantal dialogue on desirable education needed for collective sustainable development and thrivability.We went through preparation in January, 2019, with three webinars explaining the method and clearing possible difficulties and several posts supporting organizers throughout Russia, got Minsk (Belurus), Taskent (Uzbekistan) and Riga (Latvia) among the community, and in February - April, 2019 the wave of labs "Education for the future" fled into several cities, starting from Belgorod and Omsk, followed by St-Petersburg (for the 5th time already), Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Vladivostok, Izhevsk.The labs not only made it possible to meet up different local communities and generations, representatives of formal and informal education, of schools and universities, and inspired them to seek for common ground in their vision of desrable future and for education able to empower people to make this future come true, but also inspired local educators to start implementing futures literacy to their curricula.Here you can have a look into the wave:


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November 2019
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