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GirlsCamps4Leadership is a safe space for girls, it provide life skills and build their capacity to create a chain of young leaders.

Girls Camps for Leadership

Marker Malawi
GirlsCamps4Leadership is a safe space for girls where girls discuss different social issues that affect them and is a place where girls get to be creative and innovative in bringing solutions to the challenges that they face in their communities. Camps allow girls to learn many things that empowers them and motivate them to complete their education.

About Foundation4GirlsLeadership (F4GL)

“You will never know you are a leader unless you rise up. ”

Memory Banda, Founder

Foundation4GirlsLeadership helps children, especially girls develop their interpersonal skills in education and prepares them in their different professional fields. 

F4GL believes that leadership provide the capacity to children to communicate, translate vision into reality.  Children who participates in our projects have shown that they are able to posses leadership mind shift from the traditional and think of their roles from other perspectives. Evidently, through our projects, students have improved in speaking and orality skills which has a big impact on their academic outcomes. Through our "Stand Out Talks" children are able to articulate their thoughts, and ideas and have high self-esteem and feels that they have a social responsibility. This motivate them to stay in school and complete their education. 

Children and adolescent representatives from various schools and clubs share experiences and learn from each other on active youth participation. Too often young people are left behind and are mostly not involved to solve problems that affect them. Our Leadership trainings provide an opportunity to young people to actively participate in solving social problems that affect them. Young people in our programing are the drivers of change and are at the center of our advocacy work. F4GL gives a platform to young people to discuss various strategies to social problems that young people face, and on behalf of their peers, the organization enables them to participate and their voice heard on decision making tables both at community and national level platforms.      

Our trainings on leadership prepares this generation to possess social intelligence, a zeal for a change and a vision to allow them to set their sight on what matters to them and inspire others.  

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Intended Outcomes
6 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Foundation4GirlsLeadership works with, teachers, social workers, key stake holders both at community and national level. The organization offers leadership trainings to all children and for free to vulnerable children.

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