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Girl Champions Fellowship: Protsahan India Foundation

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Holistic Leadership Development for Employability Enhancement

Protsahan’s Girl Champions Fellowship was instituted in response to the needs and challenges raised by the alumni community at the peak of Covid. Based on our unique HEART Principle and modularized curriculum, we strive to break the intergenerational cycle of childhood abuse and poverty with Healing, Education, Art, Recovery & Technology with a key focus on Employability Enhancement Skill Training



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August 2022
“The fellowship helped me gain confidence and understand my own strengths. I am certain that now I can achieve anything in life irrespective of what is happening worldwide."

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We saw the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbate existing inequalities in the job market, academic opportunities, gendered discrimination in digital access, increased educational inequity, and an aggressive increase in violence faced by young girls in last-mile communities.
The objectives of the fellowship are thus far-ranging to increase the quality of life for girls through a focused training module.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Through a modularized curriculum, the program is implemented with the following aspects as the north star:
- Providing platforms that support skills-building for girls (e.g. digital, foundational, job-specific, STEAM, 21st Century) to enhance their employability quotient.
- Enabling spaces where young girls can learn, dream and have access to higher education.
- Supporting girls facing intergenerational poverty, trauma, and violence to build their own pathways to self-sufficiency.
- Enabling pathways for young girls to become socially aware and become role models for thousands of adolescent girls in their communities. Each Girl Champion fellow mentors 30-40 adolescent girls from their community throughout their fellowship journey.
- Providing a platform to amplify young girls' voices, leadership, and agency by focusing on their personal leadership journey through social action projects.

How has it been spreading?

Implemented in 64+ urban slum communities in Delhi, we plan to launch GCF PAN-India as a virtual program.
Impact in numbers:
- 100+ sessions on employability enhancement.
- This year, 28 fellows are first-generation women in their families to enroll in higher education & 2 fellows have been re-introduced to mainstream education.
- Throughout the program, fellows interact with external resource people giving them exposure to diverse career opportunities.
- Each fellow interacts and mentors 30-40 adolescent girls throughout their fellowship journey from last mile communities to build self-sustainability.
- 15+ social action projects led by fellows in their communities addressing hyperlocal issues.
- Reached 5000+community members to create awareness on Covid-19 vaccinations.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you are an organization/individual working with marginalized communities in any part of the world, the program can be implemented easily using our modularized curriculum which includes: Digital & Financial Literacy, Spoken English, Self Awareness & Career Guidance, Civic Participation, and Life Skill & Leadership Development.
You can reach out to us at: info@protsahan.co.in to know more.

Spread of the innovation

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