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GingoTalk-Let's Talk!


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"Puppet Gingo with educational and fun activities for encouraging oral-motor skills. Take a card, look closely to see what Gingo is doing on it and start your mouth workout!" Added cards with written and visual exercises are for strengthen the motor skills of speech (in three languages: Slovenian, English and German), which provide parents and professionals with insights into the exercises.
Petra Kavšek Vrhovec, Meta Dolinar - Speech and Language Therapists
GingoTalk - let's talk! The creation of this professional accessory is supported with an attractive, playful green mascot called “Gingo” for promoting oral-motor skills movement.

Petra Kavšek Vrhovec, Meta Dolinar - Speech and Language Therapists


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Updated on November 10th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

The co-founders of the GingoTalk are speech therapists who work in speech therapy clinics for children. It's known that that up to 30% of preschool children have problems in one of the areas of speech and language development and the percentage is still rising. We noticed with this problem during our everyday practice and we are both want to contribute our part to resolve this problem.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Gingo can also be a character who loves to exercise, but not with his arms or legs, but with his “tongue”. So he starts to show how he learned to lift his tongue to his nose, but he may fail on the first try, so he tries two, three more times… unsuccessfully. So he encourage the child to show him who has a bigger tongue, who can lift it and do similar things. With Gingo we can show also the things, which he/it is not able to do them, ofcourse always as funny thing. Sometimes, however, he only succeeds, especially when a child successfully shows him an exercise. // Brand GingoTalk also offers other products. Based on the needs of daily practice, we firstly made Slovenian speech therapy cards “VEM-POVEM” and dedicated instruction manual for proper work with them. Each package includes 300 cards, arranged according to the individual voice of the Slovenian language. The cards are aimed to reinforce in-game communication, set-up sentence structure and promote phonological awareness.

How has it been spreading?

We presented the Gingo puppet mainly by parents, educators, teachers, special pedagogues and speech therapists from Slovenia. In recent months, we have noticed the interests for our Gingo also on other markets, especially in Croatia, Germany, Spain and Norway. We are pretty sure that children all over the Europe can benefit from our innovation and we want to expand it worldwide.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Get in touch with us. Check out our website, FB or IG GingoTalk profile. We are ready to cooperate with educational as well as health care institutions, individual therapists, teachers and other professionals. If you have an idea of how we could cooperate, we are open to questions and suggestions. Don't hestitate to contact us!


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