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We develop a community of teachers who are interested in new technologies in education by organizing various events and festivals for teache

Geek Teachers

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We create a new image of a teacher – a modern teacher, who uses up-to-date technologies helped through a Geek Teachers Fest (festival for teachers). During these fests, we conduct training masterclasses with experts and organize entertaining programs in an atmosphere where teachers can learn, have fun, increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
Arina Nuriakhmetova, Mariia Plotkina, co-founders Geek Teachers
Education needs guides of new trends

Arina Nuriakhmetova, Mariia Plotkina, co-founders Geek Teachers


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Updated on November 12th, 2021
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Community of teachers

What we do?

We develop community of teachers, who are interested in new technologies in education. Teachers are bad at using modern technologies in class. In most schools there are no special equipment to use these technologies. We’ve developed a training program to use technologies at school even if there are no computer classes and implement it in different forms (webinars, workshops, master-class). The main goal of our activity is to make learning interesting for children. Our next goal is to free teachers from routine tasks using computers and mobile phones. We create a new image of a teacher – a modern teacher, who use up-to-date technologies and support young teachers, who can’t find understanding in traditional school teams. We do Geek Teachers Fest. During these fests we conduct training master-classes with best experts and organize entertaining program in the atmosphere of which teachers can get acquainted, have fun, increase self-esteem and self-confidence. In reviews of the festivals teachers write that such events help them to look at their profession in a new way, breathe new life and meaning into their work, test themselves. 

Why we do it?

In recent years young millennial teachers come to schools, who are good at new technologies. Of course, many experienced teachers are acquainted with those technologies too, but no one teaches them to use technologies in education. The schools themselves are not ready for them. Teachers-innovators face the opposition of traditional school.

We believe that it’s time to upgrade Russian education for there is a demand for it from educational community.

However in Russia there is no any force or a project which could help to change educational context systematically. We’ve invented a program for this on the basis of some components.

Firstly, to organize bright memorable fests Geek Teachers Fest, which could show how fresh, creative and cheerful education can be. Such festivals give energy and confidence and motivate teachers to become better.

We have launched chatbot for teachers in Telegram messenger related to organizing online activities in schools. More than 1000 participants have used our chatbot, and as a result, we have more than 60 successfully organized events and over 1000 participants who have used our chatbot.

Nowadays we are producing Russian School Communities Contest «Rybakov School Awards».

Mariia Plotkina, founder of Geek Teachers in Russia, was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year: Europe Award 2020 and received $5,000 USD from Citi Foundation and business coaching to support the ongoing development of her enterprise


HundrED Academy Review

This is a great idea, and something that is important during the current pandemic and shifting trends in education to remote/ distance learning.

- HundrED Academy Member

A much much needed platform in a world where the markets, industry and economies are growing faster than ever.

- HundrED Academy Member
A new concept of professional learning program. Engagement, fun and collegiality are their main focus. Geek Teachers has demonstrated impact within Russia and has potential to scale to other countries.
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