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where students Image the Imagined!

Funoppia is the First Visual AI platform for learning AI, Machine Learning and Python intuitively using both Visual and Code mode. With a mission that no learner is left behind, we empower students & teachers with Visual AI to intuitively learn & solve real problems. And, the best part is it is free - The Fun AI IDE, Help Files, Videos, Projects & Community FAQs



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November 2021
Bridging the gap between Imagination & Creation!

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Students understand better when they learn things visually through games & story missions. With advancement in technology, we wanted students to have the power of Artificial Intelligence and Programming in the most easy & simplified way. Now, students & teachers can learn using Asia's only Visual AI platform with Drag and Drop & build AI & ML Models which is as easy as joining puzzles.

How does your innovation work in practice?

At Funoppia, our mission is that no learner is left behind in STEAM education. Here, students & teachers come together to solve real problems in an open and free mode. Funoppia's Visual AI platform helps students to develop cognitive & computational skills & empowers them with AI & ML, coding, and design thinking tools . We created Asia's first Visual AI Platform where learning AI is as easy as joining puzzles. And, the best part is, it remains completely free to use & play.

You are not just limited to blocks, the platform also supports code-based learning along with Colab support, help videos, community QnA , Hackathons, and prebuilt projects.
Also, in our personalized learning program, we have unique lesson journeys planned for each class/topic which divide the concepts into simple nuggets and re-enforced nudges. Having an end goal and mission helps the child to focus on the target rather than the obstacles.

How has it been spreading?

With a mission to simplify Computer Science, AI and cognitive computing revolution for all, Funoppia platform has collaborated with world class institutes incl IIT Bombay- Eureka Jr. as an Official Education partner for STEAM education. Being the most simple yet powerful Visual AI & ML platform, launched in 2021, gives our learners a chance to grasp the core & complex concepts of AI and ML with ease. Our spread has been Organic and is further driven because of our Freemium and first Visual AI Platform that powers students and teachers alike to build models like a data scientist. We have been growing steadily with continuous collaborations with learning partners, institutes, schools & parents. Come join our channels to reach out to parents & students and democratize education for all.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To try the Visual AI Platform, follow the following steps:
1. Visit www.funoppia.com
2. Click on the "Start Creating" button present in the colorful strip on the screen.
3. And, you are ready. To get started, watch the Tutorial/Get started video

To know more about the platform or the courses, you can directly contact us at +91 7011805524, +91 7982912444 or write to us at contact@funoppia.com

Implementation steps

Funoppia : First ever Visual Ai that remains Open & free.

With a mission that no learner is left behind, Funoppia empowers students& teachers with first ever Block based Visual Ai & ML platform to intuitively learn & built Ai models for solving real problems.
Funoppia, remains open & free with Fun AI IDE, Block Help, Videos, Projects & Community FAQs.

Spread of the innovation

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