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Discussion-based learning strategy for large groups

4 teams of 6 students are given a problem to solve. Each team will approach the problem from a different perspective, either suggested by the teacher or one that arises from the initial discussion. The distribution of the chairs (in three concentric circles) is what determines the variation of the teams as the discussion progresses. The rotation of circles enriches the ideas of the initial team.


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November 2018
1st Innovation in Education Award. Category: Methodological transformation. Madrid, Spain. May, 2018.

About the innovation

Discussion-based learning strategy for large groups

Learning outcomes

1. It is a format for structuring a class discussion, for groups of up to twenty-four students (flexible). The strategy is transferable to teaching and learning practices, based on discussion, for students of all ages, including adults.

2. It is a strategy applicable to a classroom of up to twenty-four (flexible) students, with the flexibility to identify alternative roles, promote the participation of more introverted students, open the opportunity to apply creative ideas to global issues.

3. This rotation model offers teachers and students specific teaching and learning opportunities, while simultaneously providing data to inform teaching and learning. It is a way to rotate groups without generating disorder.

Spread of the innovation

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