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Festival of the Child

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An online education summit, & immersive, experiential adventure empowering parents & educators to raise the next generation of changemakers, visionaries & planetary stewards our world so desperately needs. We believe the best way to raise healthy, happy, confident young people is to be a fully healthy adult. We focus on relationships & cultivating community to shift culture & facilitate change.
Priya Mahtani, Founder, School of Sophia
"We are all blossoming seeds in the garden of humanity. When adults access their creative agency, feel supported & empowered in their own communities of impact, children naturally flourish & thrive."

Priya Mahtani, Founder, School of Sophia


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Updated on October 13th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Mental health issues like stress, depression & anxiety are on the rise, especially after a year in lockdown. Teachers, parents & pupils are stressed, burnt out & exhausted & need new supportive, nourishing structures to re-imagine our broken education system and place the developmental needs of children first. We need whole-systems approaches as we explore what's the true purpose of school.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Creating opportunities for parents & educators globally to come together & listen to powerful conversations with educators & each other. Space to explore your own relationship to learning by experiencing yourself as a lifelong learner. Working with the social arts & creative empowerment for personal efficacy. This year's Festival of the Child includes group discussions, & many experiential opportunites to engage in the big issues of today, including social justice & planetary restoration. Networking & connections to a global community of education change-agents. Practical strategies to put in place at home & in the classroom. Opportunity to explore synergistic connections to evolve projects in your own communities of practice. A real-time peer mentoring group & a felt experience of community. Expect resources, ideas, connections, community & more.

Our vision is to ignite social and cultural change by creating opportunites for parents & educators to experience thriving community.

How has it been spreading?

This is the 2nd iteration of this innovation. The 1st one took place in November 2019 & had 1,553 registered participants joining us globally. Since then we've hosted smaller online events, including interviews with educators, group discussions, panel conversations and explored the social arts.

We also have a community Facebook Page (Imagine A School Where) with 11k followers and an average weekly reach of about 20-60k parents & educators globally.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Sign-up for this year's Festival! It's completely free to attend and takes place between 30th June to 2nd July 2021 completely online. Check out the event website for more info!


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