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Farm Your Country

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Nutrition education program that promotes healthy food choices

Farm Your Country is a nutrition education program by Alfaisal Without Borders Foundation to promote healthy food choices. The main goal of this program is to raise students’ awareness on good nutrition, develop healthy habits and create sustainable solutions to social problems. It also aims for strengthening the link between health, education, agriculture and the environment.

About the innovation

What is Farm Your Country

What is the problem we are addressing?

Farm Your Country addresses the issue of high obesity and diabetes rates found in Qatar. It aims to inform kids about healthy lifestyles by offering interactive lessons about nutrition and field trips to a farm.

What is our solution?

To contribute in reducing the number of diabetes and obesity in Qatar, Alfaisal Without Borders Foundation offers FYC program. First, schools are contacted and they form teams of 20 members. Every team will be offered 7 informing lessons about healthy lifestyle along with activities. They will also visit a farm during the academic year, where participants get to see greenhouses and learn more about plants, plant tomatoes and vegetables, eat a healthy meal, and do other activities.

The goals of our program are: 

  • Raising students’ awareness on proper nutrition and developing healthy solutions. 
  • Achieving change and activating the social impact through creating real and practical solutions. 
  • Bringing students to a local farm to introduce the agriculture environment. 
  • The creative link between health, education, agriculture and the environment.

An overview of our impact

  • Around 3000+ students participated in this program. 
  • 90% of the students visited a farm for the first time thanks to this program.
  • 99% of students planted their first plant. 
  • Students showed progress on how to take care of their plants.
  • The program has increased the students’ awareness of the importance of healthy life style.

Examples of implementation

Many students started planting in their homes, they grew tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, onions, and many other vegetables.

What are our future goals?

First, we aim to increase the number of participating students in the program. Second, we are planning to reassess the former participating students, and evaluate how much they were positively affected by the program.

How can someone else implement it? What do they need?

This program requires a group of teachers in the school that is willing to implement the project in their classrooms. Learning materials and a space for farming on the school premises are also needed. In addition, connections with local farms are essential for the field trips. Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation wishes to increase the number of participating students in the program, therefore any school interested in this program should contact them and discuss options for implementation.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

The program has increased the students’ awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a connection to the nature. Over 90% of students visit a farm for the first time, and also over 90% of them are planting their first plant as a part of this initiative.