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Escola Concept is a dynamic, vibrant community where meaningful learning becomes part of not only the child but teachers and family.

Escola Concept

location_on São Paulo, Brazil
Innovation in education is beyond the use of technologies, it’s about rethinking the role of community and the impact of pedagogical&non-pedagogical actions. As an innovation platform, the school is an ecosystem where we ensure quality professional development for teachers, parental education, PBL in association with Global Goals so children experience meaningful learning through life.
We must model behavior by portraying to our children learning is not a burden or obligation, learning is indeed as essential as the air we breathe.

Luciana Pölönen, Head of Enrollment


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Updated on July 15th, 2022
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The changing ecosystem: a project based school

What we do?

Through our academic pillars and an innovation ecosystem, we nurture critical thinking and sense of agency through a PBL program connected to the Global Goals, so children are able to apply taught skills to real-world problems. While nurturing an environment for overall well-being, we make sure everybody in our ecosystem is well aligned with our goal: equity in education for every child in a school where everybody feels part of it. We embrace parents by providing parental education, we embrace diversity through all perspectives and foremost, we invest in our teachers as pillars of our change in education.

We have developed an ecosystem where we identify needs for change, analyzing adaptive challenges and acting upon ripe problems as part of a continuous and ever-changing learning path.

Why we do it?

Brazil has deeply invested into traditional instruction and our school embarks into a journey of disruptive education where parents, caretakers, educators, leaders and other members must rethink their roles where the child must develop his/her own autonomy to become a functional citizen in this rapidly changing world.

In a social-cultural context where the educational system goes against the socio-cultural curriculum, Escola Concept dared to take the lead on creating and investing on building a culture of thinking and feedback where we are always implementing our practices through every key player in our learners’ learning path.


Achievements & Awards

December 2019
Accredited School by the Institute for Habits of Mind
June 2019
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May 2019
FabLab School
January 2019
Apple Distinguished School

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Mapping the scenario
STOP-CONTINUE-START is a simple but effective tool to map out opportunities for growth at early stages of an intervention or when a school is at ripe phase for changes.
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