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Learn, Grow and Transform!

Enolej is a revolutionary learning platform empowering over 100,000 learners in Bangladesh to learn, grow, and transform through the power of knowledge. Anyone can learn, ask question or can help others, and develop critical thinking skills - all in a fun and supportive environment!Enolej is committed to democratizing education,making it accessible to all,regardless of background or circumstance.


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April 2024
Enolej wants to make learning in Bangladesh: Fair: Everyone gets the same chance to learn, no matter where they live. Fun: Learning should be engaging and exciting! Together: Students can help each other learn by sharing ideas (Enolej Idea). Bangla: Learning in your own language makes it easier. Lifelong: Learning doesn't stop after school! Enolej wants to help people keep learning new things.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Enolej was founded with a clear mission: to bridge the educational gap in Bangladesh. Md Ashraf Uddin Khan, the founder of Enolej, recognized the disparity in opportunities between urban and rural students. Students in rural areas lacked access to quality resources, and Enolej was created to address this challenge.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Imagine a bustling online space teeming with learners from all corners of Bangladesh. That's Enolej in action! Here's a glimpse into this innovative platform:
Rich Content Library: Packed with over 40,000+ learning modules, Enolej offers a diverse range of engaging and interactive resources in Bangla.
Personalized Learning Paths: Enolej uses technology to tailor learning experiences to individual student needs, ensuring everyone progresses at their own pace.
Enolej Idea: This revolutionary feature empowers students to share their knowledge on any topic, sparking discussions and fostering critical thinking.
Enolej Query takes things a step further. It's the go-to platform for students in Bangladesh to get answers to their burning questions. Here's how it works:
Seamlessly integrated within Enolej, Enolej Query provides a one-stop shop for learning and clarification.
A vast network of specialists stands ready to answer user queries on diverse subjects.
Enolej is a learning eco-system.

How has it been spreading?

Enolej's spreading like wildfire! Students love it, tell their friends, and the community thrives. Enolej offers a massive library of engaging content, ensuring everyone finds something valuable.

Enolej Idea, their knowledge-sharing platform, is a superstar. One discussion rocketed to 17,000+ users in just 15 hours!

The impact is undeniable. Over 100,000 users are actively learning, and Enolej estimates over 40,000 benefit daily, directly or indirectly. Enolej is changing Bangladesh's education landscape, one innovative idea at a time.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Anyone can use Enolej. Head over to to explore their massive library of learning resources. Signing up is recommended for a more personalized experience. Enolej Videx offers simpler explanations of critical topics through videos, making learning even more accessible. Remember, Enolej is always open for everyone - a free and knowledge-packed platform waiting to be explored!

Implementation steps

No sign-up needed to browse a vast library of learning resources.
Explore Resources
Dive into topics, articles, and interactive modules.
Level Up
Create a free account to track progress, save resources, join discussions, ask questions or give answer.
Get Answers
Stuck on a concept? Enolej Query connects you with experts for Q&A.
Join the Social Community
Follow Enolej on Facebook and join the group for discussions and updates.

Spread of the innovation

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