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Eneza Education

We are an edtech company providing learning materials on SMS, Web and Telegram bot

Eneza Education offers revision materials for primary and secondary students in Kenya and Ivory Coast on SMS and Web. Students have access to revision lessons, revision papers, Wikipedia and Ask a Teacher features. We also have content for Teachers being piloted in Ghana and Financial literacy course for youth our SMEs in Kenya.


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Target group
April 2020

About the innovation

Spreading Education Everywhere.

What we do?

We provide learning materials to students in primary and secondary on SMS and Web and Telegram bot

Why we do it?

Most learners in rural and semi-urban areas in Sub SaharanAfrica lack access to a quality educationleave alone the availabilityof revision material. Most households in these areascan not afford to bear the cost of paying tuition fees and buying books at the same time. This brings an imbalance to learningas you find that it is only kids in the urban and good private schools who performwell in exams and thus getting the best national high schools here in Kenya. Why we do it is to be able to bridge the digital divide by providing quality, affordable and personalized learning to studentsno matter where they are or what devices they have.

Spread of the innovation

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