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This innovative routine lets you see perspective and then use that to step out and resolve problems/issues creatively

Empathetic Resolution Routine (ERR)

Bangalore, India
One of the biggest crises of our times is the inability to see another's perspective, see the other as human, in fact. So, in our endeavour to teach empathy to children we used a modified ‘Step Inside’ thinking routine. We have also created a 'step out' tool such that it helps people step out of the others' shoes and use the perspective gained to creatively resolve emotionally charged situations.

Sparkling Mindz

“Empathy is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give our children in today's world and perhaps, our greatest hope for a better future for humanity.”

Sreeja Iyer, CEO & Founder

What we do?

At Sparkling Mindz our vision is  "Inspiring Confident Learners". We want the children whose lives we touch to be learners for life, to be confident in their ability to learn and be agents of change who are both inspirational and constantly seeking inspiration from every moment of their life.  We use a game-based methodology to deliver creative thinking, critical thinking and communication skills to children in the age range of 3-16 years. The games also extend towards empowering children with tools on empathy, ideation, inspiration-seeking and discovering values in the advanced stages.

Why we do it?

We believe that the world in which our children are living today already demands them to think differently, to solve problems, to collaborate, to be more self-aware and to learn to manage their emotions better. It implies that the children should be prepared with the necessary tools to think, be aware and communicate better. In order to achieve this, it is important that they develop a mindset of being creative changemakers who can take on the grave challenges the world is and will be presenting in front of them today and in the future. 

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
Focus areas
Creativity, Empathy
Tips for implementation
Step 1: State known facts of the situation. Step 2: Step-In Routine: Step into the other person's shoes. Step 3: Step Out Routine: Knowing what I know what would I do differently? Step 4: Iterate until resolved.
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Dealing with made-up stories and beliefs
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Gather Facts
Try and understand the situation in as much detail as possible.
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Step In
At this stage, you have all the facts and you are ready to step into another's shoes and take perspective.
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Step Out
In this step you step out of the other's shoes with the understanding of what/how the other person might have seen the situation, felt and what the care about might have been.
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At this stage, you check if the resolutions are working. If not, we iterate. Just like an equation, slowly but surely it reveals itself in the most creative manner possible for each unique situation.
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