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Each K12 student can live their own learning experience with EMAT, the entertaining, pedagogical, and efficient learning platform

EMAT, reliable digital learning for K12 students

Santiago, Chile
The EMAT platform is an online software for K12 students, teachers and managers. Personalized, adaptive method, based on challenges, it allows serving the students' diversity. The implementation includes training, follow-up and online support. EMAT has been created under the direction of Ph.D. in mathematics, Universidad Católica de Chile, Victoria Marshall, 30 years experience in education.

The raison d'être of EMAT

What we do is offer a program that develops all the objectives of the Chilean official curriculum, but that does it step by step, tailored to each student and from what he knows. With navigation plans with or without recovery of objectives from previous levels and even with differentiated plans for children that cost them more

We do it because we realize how important mathematics is in the formation of an individual and his reasoning. Our mission is that all children have the opportunity to enrich themselves with them.

Because today there is a large knowledge gap within a classroom and we can not teach everyone equally, there are at least 3 groups with different learning needs and we can focus on each of those groups.

Because outside the classroom children are in a digital and multimedia world and they will adapt better if we offer them materials that are appropriate for that context

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Innovation Overview
5 - 18
Age Group
40 000
Tips for implementation
To implement EMAT in a school, we need open teachers and managers to plan a minimum work of 2 weekly sessions with the students and prepare a technological environment with a computer or tablet for each student and an appropriate network with internet
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What is EMAT psu?
What is EMAT media?
What is EMAT básica?
What is EMAT inicial?
What is EMAT psu?
Compumat meeting with school directors
Victoria Marshall meeting with teachers
Team of Pedagogical Advisors 2018


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Preparation of a new school
Process through which the communication between the Customer Experience Service and the New School is established: EMAT managers in the school and the EMAT Pedagogical Advisor are established, Also the initial planing meeting is held.
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Tecnological Implementation
Process through which we ensure that the configuration of the Internet, the network and desktop computers, notebooks or Tablets is the most appropriate for the proper functioning of the application
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Initial teacher training
Workshop for EMAT Manager, teachers and technology manager where they are made aware of the EMAT pedagogical model and prepare them to accompany students in their work with the platform.
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Initial session of students
Session in which the students register in the platform and begin to make their initial diagnosis, which will determine the contents they must recover.
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Advice and Monitoring in use of EMAT
Process through which the optimal use of the platform is followed, taking into account the success variables to have an impact on the learning
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