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Isidro Arévalo-Vargas
Turn an unattractive subject and theme for students into an exciting adventure


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Eido, is a gamified educational development of the Corporación Unificada Nacional de Educación Superior (CUN), which seeks to make our students passionate and appropriate the foundations of entrepreneurship, through five levels with different scenarios. This is a pilot and innovative initiative, which proposes a university subject that develops from start to finish through a game.
Andrea Katherine García González
The transformation of roles in education through gamification allows the development of skills.

Andrea Katherine García González


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Why did you create this innovation?

One of the problems that we have evidence from the entrepreneurship and innovation unit (CEMP) of the Corporación Unificada Nacional de Educación Superior CUN, is that our students perceived and experienced the subjects that we offered, as "unnecessary" requirements in their disciplinary training, or as a topic without scope or relation to what they were training in.

How does your innovation work in practice?

With this in mind, entrepreneurship becomes a fundamental knowledge that could mark personal, family, and community development. So we put aside the typical classes and bet on gamification, learning by challenges, and collaborative learning.
1. It is a university subject that is developed entirely in an entertaining video game, which transforms the role of teacher and student.
2. Pedagogically the game is based on collaborative learning, challenge-based learning.
3. The game makes use of other innovative resources such as the BANG innovation methodology, and the CVIVO digital platform to strengthen the themes and the development of the learning process.
4. We achieved the immersion of students in entrepreneurship issues and gave strength to the entrepreneurial potential of our young people.

How has it been spreading?

It is achieved by turning an unattractive subject and theme for students into an adventure game that confronts the player with challenges that develop their skills to face the business world, it does not have teachers, if not; with counselors who guide you all the way, as well as allied platforms (C-VIVO) with multimedia material and live talks. What we want in the future is for EIDO to be a product with a clear value proposition, being a unique and differentiated offer in the market compared to substitute products.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

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