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Immersive classroom

The pioneering group VR online application was created to redefine virtual interaction. This platform leverages the power of cutting-edge virtual reality technology to create immersive, collaborative worlds where users can connect, learn, and explore without being limited by physical bounds. Teachers can Manage up to 20 students' VR headsets with his own web/iPad application.


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Target group
Students upper
May 2024
first, introduce unreachable experiences to those who suffer from unstable environments, or who can travel and get a prober education. also, to change how we communicate complex topics to students, we should use storytelling, and immersive (multi-sensory) experiences to do that.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Enhances educational experiences by establishing immersive and interactive group learning environments. Traditional classroom settings might struggle to keep students engaged, but VR provides dynamic and fascinating experiences that capture and drive pupils. Stepping into virtual worlds allows students to examine historical events, scientific phenomena, and complicated concepts in innovative ways.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

it is a set of VR headsets and an iPad, the teacher uses the iPad to start all VR headsets, and Teachers can monitor the VR activity of every student.
Teachers can start a specific lesson, then students can interact with him/her via mic, or inside the VR experience itself. Students also can listen, and see all the VR experiences separately from each other, but the Teacher can see their navigation and can direct them from the iPad directly.

How has it been spreading?

it has been spreading by the School highboard, and by students themselves. Also, Teachers and Administration employees who work with it, start demonstrate the system to other schools.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Schools visit, one of the sellers showrooms

Implementation steps

Subscribe to the Application system
Each school should has one Superadmin account to be able to create Teachers/students accounts
Teachers Registrations
Teachers should get their registration account to be able to access the admin account, which gives them the ability to create Virtual classrooms, select materials, and control other VR headsets
Add Materials and library items
Teachers, and admins can start adding library items like images, videos, lesson plans, textbook, VR tours, 3D animation, etc. Also, they can download the readymade items.
Student log-in and Training
Students start by accessing the lessons using the Teacher Virtual classroom name/number. Teachers do the training needed for student to know how to navigate the App

Spread of the innovation

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