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EduSpots trains, equips, and connects educational 'catalysts' to drive community-led change and build global understanding.

We train, equip and connect educational 'catalysts' to drive community-centred change, tied to our physical network of 42 self-sustaining education 'spots', many powered by solar. Trainings include Community Leadership in Education, literacy and STEM, alongside engagement in our network via online courses, conferences, and WhatsApp, enabling global communities to share educational solutions.


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April 2020
"When we have the opportunity to be a change catalyst, we need to realize that the power to make our communities as we wish lies in our hands."

About the innovation

What is EduSpots

Our Model

At EduSpots, we train, equip and connect individuals in Ghana and the UK who are committed to leading change in their communities through education.

We engage students, teachers and community members across the Ghana and the UK in effective community action, global development and social entrepreneurship via our online courses and practical global citizenship projects.

In Ghana, we train individuals through sessions on community leadership, literacy development, and low-resource STEM teaching. We also equip individuals through support with the creation of physical community-led 'spots' or libraries, powered by solar. We offer communities sustainable resources such as books, science kits and text books. We connect individuals through our multiple WhatsApp platforms, online courses and in person through conferences.

Our Vision

We do this because we want individuals across the world to create the change they want to see in their community through the creation of self-sustaining education projects.

Through our training, resources and wider network, our educational 'catalysts' grow in their confidence and skills in enacting community-led change. This leads to the active users of the 'spots' to develop their skills in literacy, STEM and leadership, further developing a life-long enjoyment of education.

Inspired by their community role models, these users become our future catalysts for change, ultimately leading to the creation of an ever-growing network of community-centred change agents, equipped with the mindset and skills to create a more equitable and sustainable global society.

Our Impact

Since 2016, we have created a network of 42community-led 'spots' or libraries in Ghana (building or renovating 27 of these), built on the aspirations and efforts of over 250 volunteers whose sense of self-efficacy has also transformed. We estimate our projects and online platforms have enhanced the educational opportunities and self-confidence of over 15,000 learners across Ghana and the UK. Our model is sustainable, replicable and low-cost for high impact.

Students have gained global understanding through involvement in the work of EduSpots from its creation under the name of 'Reading Spots' at Brighton College where we won the Tes International Award in 2018. Pupils at Sevenoaks School now work with our Ghana team to understand local needs and co-design STEM and literacy resources; students at African Science Academy have led the development of our youth changemaker programme. Indeed, over 40 UK schools have been involved in book drives, fundraising and online programmes.

We have secured funding from 7 trust funds and are looking for further funding and partnership opportunities. We hope to build #ourcollectivefuture.Get in touch.

Spread of the innovation

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