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Lucca Sant'Angelo

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EducARTE is an educational, artistic, intuitive, multistasked, and gamified Based Learning Project - methodology.

EducARTE Methodology

Cochabamba, Bolivia
EducARTE is an educational, artistic, intuitive and multistasked and gamified methodology. Our primary objective is to bring students the opportunities to learn Music and arts based on the development of their skills and abbilities by making them as the center of the entire education and changing the wrong idea that says: "method is above all and is much more important than the person".

Enamorando al mundo una corchea a la vez.

Rodrigo Arévalo
“"Music is a great adventure and if you want to live it you first must fall in love with it, so then you Will be able to discover all of the incredible misteries that are hidden within"”

Rodrigo Arévalo

Falling in love with the world one quaver at time.

Imagine that you want to learn to play the Piano. Is something that you have been dreaming since ever and one good day, the opportuniy comes to light. You go to your classes, meet othee students and start learning. Then, some time later, you notice that many of your friends arechaving trouble with the excersises. You have been having terrible issues with your Music, too. And when you ask your teacher for some advice to help yourdelf, he or she says something like: "you have to try harder. The Method is like this and only those who follow the method will be allowed to pass to the next level. Not everyone can learn to play the Piano. Only those talented enough".

At this point, many of your friends have given up. You too. Frustration becomes your bedside pal and you decide that learning the Piano is not for you because, as you have learned, only a few can play it. 

False! Absolutely false and totally wrong! 

Of course, playing the Piano or any other instruments is difficult but not imposible. And this is where EducARTE methodology comes to bright up the path. 

EducARTE methodology was born to give Music students the opportunities that sometimes don't have because it recognize and prioritize THE PERSON over the method. 

We Believe that if you give the right method to the students, they Will achieve their goals. And when you achieve your goals, you want moreand more and start another adventure, full of great self esteem and ready to conquer the world. 

You must think that Music is the greatest adventure of your life. So, your adventure starts here. 

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5 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
In order to work better we need instruments. Righr now we have dome pianos, violins, flutes native instruments and drums. We also have some Tablets and computers to work on, but still is not enough. Is never enough. Nevertheless, One of our goals is to make our own instruments using recycled materials and even some type of garbage.
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Lucca Sant'Angelo

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