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EducALL: Llamadas para educar / EducALL: Calls to educate

place Colombia

We use dumbphones to break down education barriers, empower rural children and create a new future.

The digital and information gap is a cause of poverty, the internet and smartphones are not a viable solution in many poor countries and a post-pandemic economy. But through #CallsToEducate we can solve this problem in the world. EducALL is like having spotify + Wikipedia + Moodle/Google Classroom + Youtube recommendation algorithm in dumbphones.


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November 2020
No one loves what he does not know, if a child has not been delighted with a poem, a song or a story that will blow his mind, he cannot imagine being a musical poet or the next giant of humanity.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Because no one loves what they don't know. With the pandemic, the digital and information divides increased. Many people do not have access to knowledge because they do not have access to the internet or devices, but they do have access to 2g telephone networks.
EducALL is the cost effective solution to close the information gap in the world.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The child makes a phone call through which he or she can
* Listen to pre-recorded classes, podcasts, audio books, music
* Voice consultations on wikipedia.
* Translations in their language to English.
* Have conference rooms with your teacher.
* Send assignments through voice notes.
* Playback controls
* Personalized content
* Learning routes
* Gamification

How has it been spreading?

We started working in a school of ancestral knowledge with the Wayuu indigenous community in northern Colombia. Saalewa'in Mma
-Friends of the Earth-. This project is made in alliance with the JCI Wayma chapter.

EducALL being a phone line can be used by people anywhere in the country and is quickly replicable anywhere in the world.

We are the solution to solve the information gap in the world.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You must make a long distance call to a fixed line in Bogotá. By calling 5802131 you can access EducALL. Option 6 gives access to Wikipedia by voice, option 7 to Spanish English translations.

EducALL being a phone line can be used by people anywhere in the country and is quickly replicable anywhere in the world.

Spread of the innovation

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