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Educación Sentida

location_on Buenos Aires, Argentina

Innovative experiences of educational training for a pedagogy rich in "sentido": orientation, purpose, meaning, sense, feeling

Workshops for teachers and parents to tackle the existential aspect that underlies and conditions any learning experience - and every experience is a learning experience, the incorporation of patterns and structures that define how we function in life. We go beyond the knowledge and the know-how to work on the BEING. Playing and art are fundamental paths in our work.


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January 28th, 2021

About the innovation

About the project

Perspective and Objective

Learning is the meta level of life: all experience is learning experience, given that, under or over any referential content, we incorporate relational content, ways of being, patterns, structures of vital functioning that configure the matrix of our life.

The current educational system suffers from an existential crisis: a lack of meaning and purpose, which directly translates into the work system and lifestyles we inhabit as adults. We therefore seek, going to the primordial socialization instances, to build pedagogic experiences in which children and adults learn to live with “sentido” (a Spanish word for meaning, purpose, self-direction, sensitivity, sense, our own singular 'what for').

We work from the humanistic theoretical-practical framework of the Person-Centered Approach, deepening contact with ourselves and others, incorporating a way of being in the world in which we create relationships that facilitate our development and unfolding. It is useless to learn about the world without learning about ourselves and recognizing ourselves co-creators, active agents in internal and external reality.

We work holistically, involving all of our aspects for significant, experiential learning. We understand true learning happens when we begin with integral practice and then systematize theory that is therefore dynamic and continuously actualized.

We align with constructivism, valuing what each person brings as a fundamental base for personal and collective construction of knowledge with wisdom.

We work through play and exploration, experimenting creativity as the natural way of learning. We activate the inner child; the premise is to put ourselves in the children’s shoes in order to live that which we wish to facilitate for them.

Methodologies and Devices

Practice is the starting point. Everyone learns from everyone. We elaborate the experience and complete the learning process through chats, reflection and contributions from enriching theories.

Each organization and each group has its own characteristics, rhythms, resources, needs and treasures; thus, the program is planned to adapt ad hoc and accompany the process in the optimum manner for the case. Contents include:

• Training in Mindfulness, to develop contact with oneself, quality of presence, focus on process and flow, unconditional validation and congruence

• Play workshops with Art Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, drama and other resources, to promote that which makes full experiences: self-awareness, joy, creativity, proprioception, expression, empathy, integration, collaboration, trust and love for oneself, for others and for Nature

• Techniques that potentiate creativity

• Labs for collective creation of diverse modes of fusion between subjects and contents, for cohesive and consequent pedagogy that appeals to all of our dimensions

• Spaces for the revision of beliefs, emotional intelligence and primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of bullying, incorporating tools of Non-Violent-Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

• Base knowledge and practice of the Person-Centered Approach (Carl Rogers), for appreciative accompaniment of singularity, construction of multilateral relationships, facilitation of self-motivation and self-correction, unfolding of the innate evaluation system, empowerment and promotion of personal experience as highest authority

• Base knowledge of neuroscience in relation to our processes of transformation

• Playful (re)education in matters of sexuality and gender

• Revision of current circumstances in light of the human needs pyramid and the path towards self-realization (Abraham Maslow)

… and more contributions we incorporate as we go, since we constantly self-actualize!

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