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Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Digital

place Philippines

Technology-Supported TPD on Early Language, Literacy, and Numeracy, any time, anywhere.

Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Digital (ELLN Digital) is a teacher professional development course for K to 3 teachers that uses a low-tech, inclusive blended learning approach. Designed for scale, the aim of ELLN Digital is to provide flexible, high-quality training to hundreds of thousands of teachers nationwide in a timely way, replacing the traditional face-to-face cascade model.



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Target group
March 2021
With this ELLN Digital blended learning, no teacher will be excluded. It is a new way of doing in-service training that will help us implement our projects and programs better and more efficiently.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We co-designed ELLN Digital with the Philippine Department of Education as a more inclusive, scalable alternative to the face-to-face cascade model that could reach all teachers quickly without compromising the quality of the learning experience. We also aimed to show how digital technology could be harnessed in contextually appropriate ways so technology access didn’t become a barrier in itself.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

A practice-based course, ELLN Digital combines self-learning with offline, interactive, multimedia modules, classroom practice and co-learning with peers in a school-based professional learning community. With this blended approach, teachers learn from and with standardized, quality assured course content that supports them in localizing instructional materials and strategies for their diverse learners. Teachers receive a copy of the ELLN Digital Course Package and study each lesson in the courseware on their own at their own pace. They then apply in the classroom their new knowledge and skills, and then meet with fellow teachers in a Learning Action Cell to reflect on the lesson and their classroom practice. Teachers go through this cycle of learning, application, and reflection until the course is completed. Since the courseware is offline, lack of internet access is not a barrier to participation. Supplementary online resources are available to those with internet.

How has it been spreading?

The success of ELLN Digital’s 2016 pilot led to a national scale up in 2019 to reach over 250,000 K to 3 teachers in a phased roll-out over the next three years. During the pandemic school year (2020-2021), the ELLN Digital model was adapted to prepare school leaders and teachers for remote learning. Two courses were created and launched in July and September. To date, over 500,000 have taken these courses, more than half of the public school workforce.

The ELLN Digital model is also currently being adapted and piloted in Ghana, Honduras, and Uzbekistan for their own large-scale in-service teacher training.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Contact FIT-ED at for a downloadable copy of the ELLN Digital Course Package.

You can also adapt the ELLN Digital model for your own context -- create your own self-learning modules and organize your Learning Action Cells face-to-face or online. Contact us if you want advice on how to do this.

Spread of the innovation

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