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We are an outside, hands-on experienced based program focused on developing the social skills and environmental awareness of our students.

Dreamland ECO English

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By engaging their senses and working in a collaborative and social and emotional learning environment. Students get the best out of each experience. Student's share their strengths and weaknesses to work as a team and overcome challenges through critical thinking and mutual group agreements. Our program follows 12 topics throughout 12 months and incorporates a variety of ECO projects.
Hector Grimaldo
Dreamers are Doers

Hector Grimaldo


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Updated on July 26th, 2021
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What is Dreamland ECO English?

What we do?

Dreamland has a unique approach to the teaching of English as a second language. Our students are constantly immersed in an English curriculum that requires them to use their senses and newly learnt skills. Through hands-on learning, repetition, and cooperative group work, our students are always engaged with in-class and outdoor activities that give them vital life skills and the ability to speak a second language naturally. This style has been proven to be effective and long lasting as students acquire language in a natural environment, which is guided by English teaching professionals.

Why we do it?

Giving students the freedom to be creative offers them the act of self-expression through a medium that they can relate to. Creativity is a platform where all children are able to communicate their thoughts and ideas. We implement the Finnish “Espoo’s co-creation model” and “Kagan Cooperative Learning” in our creative projects. By providing students with these co-creation-cooperative projects and experiences children can express and cope with their feelings and with each other. Creativity also fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, develops their problem-solving skills and gives them new ways of thinking, also helps them make relationships by accepting other’s ideas and input.


See this innovation in action

HundrED you to Alex Bell founder of and the HundrED Ambassador of the year of 2020 for giving my students the opportunity to have their voices heard across the globe. We couldn't have done it without your support and coaching along the way! From: Teacher Hector Sơn Goku, @Alex Bell Dreamland Eco English, HundrED Link Online Learners, and VTC10 - NetViet To : @GMD Hoàng Giang Nguyen Xuan Mai and Trịnh Hải Đường Take in the moment, live in the present and enjoy your experiences to the fullest. This is something I live by. However, this past Saturday and Sunday still managed to pass me by in the blink of an eye. Being in an isolated room for over 6 hours a day with such intelligent students was the most intense workout my brain has ever experienced!!! Their creativity, imagination, drive and their capacity to break their own limits time after time so effortlessly… was nothing short of amazing. GMD kept working extensively after our meetings at home to ensure that every detail of their Xtalk was worthy of their expectations and their capacity. - Our task? To give the first Xtalk in Vietnam. - Our topic? CoVid-19. - Our mission? Give the world hope. - Our audience? The whole planet. - Our fuel? Milk Tea. As if that wasn’t enough pressure. GMD also recorded their Xtalk talk in the top-notch Netviet - VTC10 studio, which is a National Channel in Vietnam. In addition their parents were taking pictures and recording every second of this experience, there were lights shining on their faces like a thousand suns, 3 high definition cameras which were following their every move, microphones which were attentive to every breathe they took. But, everything made no difference. GMD was on another level, they were focused, well prepared and eager to have their voices heard by the world! It would have made no difference if there had been an audience of 100,000 people there. If anything, it could have made it even easier! jaja As for me, I had a first row seat to see these young leaders in action! Public speaking has always been a passion of mine. However, to have had the opportunity to see GMD’s nerves disappear, their voices raise, and their body language and confidence reaching their peeks was a moment that I will never forget. To describe the feeling I felt in that studio is simply impossible. At 13 years of age, these girls have became my heroes. I have so much admiration and respect for you and I will always treasure the experience we shared. I am not sure where life will take you, what you will do in the future or how many people you will influence. However, I know for a fact that any number or expectation I may set in my mind for you will be broken effortlessly countless times. As a child I was given the opportunity to dream big by my teachers and my parents. They made me believe that nothing is impossible if you simply believe in it, pursue it passionately and put the work in. You will accomplish everything you set your mind to. I’m certain. Mai, Duong and Giang never stop dreaming, pursue your interests and passions aggressively, don’t let anybody discourage you or tell you that “you can’t do it”. In your own words GMD “BIG DREAM. BIG ACTION”! You have made me so proud; I will never forget “that Xtalk project in Vietnam with GMD on VTC10”. The future is yours, take it! However, remember to cherish your experiences as they are happening, on your path to success you must enjoy the journey, or else? Why are you even doing it? Stay humble, give back to people in need and to your community, which is no global. Lastly, be part of the change you want to see in the world and be part of the solution. The world is not as big as it may seem. Travel, network, collaborate with others, and value your time as an individual. - Teacher Hector Sơn Goku
Green Warrior
Green Warrior 2020 Dreamland Eco English would like to formally invite you and your organization to be part of our “Green Warrior” event in Hanoi, Vietnam. This will be a monthly recurring event. March 8th is our first edition of 2020. Each monthly edition will welcome an average of 100 students from different schools around Hanoi. Thanks to our partners all students who register are eligible to be awarded anywhere between $5,000 to $100,000 worth in scholarships! Mission: We aim to help guide the next generation and encourage them to network in a global scale. By Tapping into the infinite potential of’s international community. We aim to connect with different schools, organizations, and individuals, from all over the world to discover opportunities for all students across all fields of education. By creating this network of students and Innovators we will help shape the future of our planet! Breakdown: The race and the debate will take place on the same day. Exam: (On a separate day) All participants will take part in completing an English exanimation in the comfort of their own schools. Race: Teams will race around Hanoi onboard The BonBon City tour bus. They will complete a series of cultural and historic challenges around landmarks and museums. Each participating School will be led by team of 5 of their students. Debate: Teams will debate and present their ideas, innovations and thoughts of how to shape the future to our panel of judges. The results will ultimately select the top recipients of the scholarships. Dream Project: Participants will be invited to join Dreamland’s Garden project to pursue research and development of their innovations. All while pursuing a fellowship as youth ambassadors for and connecting with like-minded students and organizations globally while doing so! Dreamland Eco English values partnership and collaboration. By networking and sharing each other’s strengths we are certain that we will create opportunities and open pathways to new innovations, scale projects, and impact the world. Attached to this letter of invitation, you will find a video of our Green Warrior event in 2019 along with some of our favorite highlights! May you need more information please kindly contact our Academic Director and Ambassador for Hector Grimaldo. We look forward to your involvement in this project, your ideas and our future collaboration. Sincerely, Hector Grimaldo Academic Director HundrED Ambassador +841627574593
Dreamland Eco Champion 2019 - Dreamland Eco English back at our ECO fashion show we held last year at Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our students shared their true feelings and thoughts about todays' environmental situation. Together we can save the world! Feel free to message me if you would like to learn more or become involved. Green Warrior 2020 is happening on the 8th of March, 2020.
Chủ Đề Âm Nhạc Lớp Dream3 by doing! #Music #DreamlandEcoEnglish
Phóng sự của báo Nhân Dân về sự kiện Green Warrior 2019
Looking back at our first Green Warrior event. Where our students took part in a team race around Thang Long Imperial Citadel and Hoan Kiem lake in Ha Noi, Viet Nam!
Dreamland Eco English
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Tiệc sinh nhật theo phong cách Mexico proud and lucky to have been able to share part of my culture with my students. They sure enjoyed that "mordida"! #dreamlandecoenglish


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March 2020 "CoVid-19 "Here's Hope from Hanoi" Video by GMD
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