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We ignite imaginations, blur the line between entertainment and education, and let dreams take flight!

Dream Flight Adventures Educational Simulators

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We blend technology, engineering, and science with social studies, humanities, art while also teaching over forty 21st-century skills. In addition to these, each mission also includes its own unique curriculum aligned to Common Core and state standards while also emphasizing real world application. We weave these disparate elements into a unique interactive story, creating a learning experience.
We ignite imaginations, blur the line between entertainment and education, and let dreams take flight.

Sarah Gardiner, Co-creator, Design Director


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How do "Dreams Take Flight"?

What we do?

Dream Flight Adventures™ is an immersive, interactive learning experience that teaches teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving by blending science, technology, and engineering with social studies, humanities, and art

In other words, it’s a real-life Magic School Bus. It’s part simulator, part game, and part theater—and it creates an out-of-this-world experience!

The Dream Flight Adventures™ experience centers around an educational adventure that takes place in one of our full immersion simulators. Children ages 8 to 80 enter the simulator, work together to operate it, and go on incredible adventures. They travel to outer space, under the sea, back in time, through the body—anywhere their imaginations take them!

Our players become the captain and crew of these simulators and must work together to complete their missions, and their success or failure can depend on the action of a single person. Our missions are completely flexible and open-ended. Players must think creatively, and each action can change the outcome of the mission.

We ignite imaginations, blur the line between entertainment and education, and let dreams take flight.

Why we do it?

Dream Flight Adventures has been a dream for us for a long time, one that we are thrilled to see coming true. With our backgrounds in education and entertainment, there was talent and drive to make these experiences what they are today, but it’s not the why.

The “why” is something we see whenever we see a child go through our simulator. Children are naturally curious, imaginative, and able to retain that sense of awe. They have innate abilities unique to each one, they have drive, and sparks of passion ready to grow. We wanted children to be able to unleash their imagination, to build confidence in themselves, to be driven to create, and to feel masters of their own fates. We wanted them to find a passion for life-long learning and to be unfettered in that pursuit. Then, when all is said and done we want this generation to pass this on to the next, and the next, so that every generation will push just a little bit further than the one before. 

With such immense goals, we feel our work is never done, and continue to look for new ways to improve and grow. Dream Flight Adventures is our passion, we want this generation to grow theirs.


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