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Empowering Education, Elevating Futures

In today's rapidly evolving world, Discentis bridges the gap between traditional teaching methods and and the need for dynamic learning environments by empowering teachers through cutting-edge training programs. We transform classrooms into interactive, inclusive spaces, preparing a new generation of learners for the complexities of the modern world, with educators as catalysts for change.


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February 2024
Our goal is to transform education into a space where creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration thrive. By empowering teachers with new methodologies and tools, we aim to foster student-centered learning, preparing students for the future. We envision an inclusive, innovative educational landscape where every student has access to quality education.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We believe that quality education should not be a matter of luck. That's why we develop methodological courses for teachers, to ensure that every student has well-prepared, up-to-date educators. We believe that teachers should be engines of transformation across all educational systems. By passing through their hands, future generations of global leaders are formed.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Our innovation takes shape through online live, gamified courses on innovative teaching methodologies available to teachers across Italy. These courses are designed to foster collaboration among educators from various schools and disciplines, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to learning and teaching. By working and learning together, teachers are exposed to diverse perspectives and strategies, enhancing their ability to create dynamic and inclusive classroom environments.
Additionally, we organize initiatives and events tailored to empower teachers, providing them with the tools and confidence needed to implement innovative practices in their teaching. Central to our mission is the creation of an online community of innovative teachers, supported by local communities led by our ambassadors. This network is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas, resources, and support, amplifying the impact of our innovation and spreading transformative educational practices more broadly.

How has it been spreading?

Since the end of 2022, our innovation has reached over 3000 teachers through the organization of more than 100 courses and participation in numerous on-site events. This direct engagement has been pivotal in spreading our methodologies and philosophy. Additionally, our newsletter, with approximately 1500 subscribers, plays a crucial role in this dissemination process, offering monthly insights, best practices, and tools to innovate daily teaching practices. We've also leveraged government platforms to broaden our reach, ensuring that our courses are accessible to a wider audience of educators seeking professional development opportunities.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you're an Italian teacher, you can apply through the government's teacher training platform. For those who speak Italian, subscribing to our "Docenti coraggiosi" newsletter on Substack is another way to get involved. While our content is currently available only in Italian, we're exploring opportunities to expand our offerings to other languages in the future.

Spread of the innovation

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