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Digital Learning Lab

Understanding learning as a laboratory situation.

At the Digital Learning Lab, students and teachers meet external experts such as programmers, designers and start-up entrepreneurs. In just under two days, this creates a basis for a wide variety of projects.



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October 2019
The students understand ‹learning› as a laboratory situation that requires reflection.

About the innovation

What is Digital Learning Lab

The reputation of being an innovative school connected the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz (GR) with Kickstart Innovation and Opendata.ch. Together, they implemented the prototype of a Digital Learning Lab (DLL) in March of this year.

30 students and 15 teachers from the Engadine school and 30 programmers, designers and entrepreneurs collaborated for two days in a Design Sprint on eleven projects under the motto: "How can digital technologies simplify learning?" The small teams were very mixed. "Developing the lessons and uploading them to the video platform together with the teachers was a great experience," says Timofey, whose group is working on a Flipped Class Room project.

Daisy and Shennan used the Personal Learning Data Logbook to improve communication between students and teachers digitally. "Our app enables a quicker exchange," explains Shennan. The 'Digital Balance' project by Jessica, Daniela and Gioia playfully challenges users to question and moderate their media habits.

In the course of the DLL, the school opened up and got in touch with its surrounding environment. Principal Christoph Wittmer is interested in this exchange: "Three things are important to us: 1) That we have a discussion about values. 2) That the students understand ‹learning› as a laboratory situation that requires reflection. And 3) that they build up a network with the outside world." The positive reactions to the DLL have also shown that change is easier to cope with if students become the drivers of their own learning.

Impact & scalability

Spread of the innovation

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