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The Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Center work with young people, educators, researchers, and practitioners on co-designing tools that can be used to learn and teach, in both formal and informal environments, about the digital world.

Digital Citizenship+ (Plus) Resource Platform (DCRP)

United States
Co-designing with and for youth, the Youth and Media team — with the help of internal and external experts, Youth Advisors (i.e., groups of youth from various contexts who help inform and shape Youth and Media’s efforts), summer interns, and research assistants — have produced tools covering a broad range of areas of youth life that are learner-centered, and that can be used across varying contexts of learning and teaching. From the home to the classroom to libraries and museums, our learning tools can be deployed in different spheres and used both for supporting individual and group learning. By co-designing these educational tools with youth and embedding the principles of connected learning within them, we have been able to develop tools that incorporate youth voices and perspectives, connecting various knowledge areas related to the digital world with youth’s interests and experiences.

What is the Digital Citizenship+ (Plus) Resource Platform (DCRP)

The Digital Citizenship+ (Plus) Resource Platform (DCPR) is an evolving collection of learning experiences, visualizations, and other educational resources (collectively referred to as “tools”) designed and maintained by the Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. You can use the DCRP to learn about different areas of youth’s (ages 11-18) digitally connected life, including:

(1) Artificial Intelligence (AI), (2) Civic and Political Engagement, (3) Computational Thinking, (4) Content Production, (5) Context, (6) Data, (7) Digital Access, (8) Digital Economy, (9) Digital (Literacy), (10) Identity Exploration and Formation, (11) Information Quality, (12) Law, (13) Media (Literacy), (14) Positive / Respectful Behavior, (15) Privacy and Reputation, (16) Safety and Well-being, and (17) Security. To learn more about Youth and Media’s research and educational initiatives within these spaces, please see

The tools on the DCRP aim to empower you with knowledge about connected learning environments and other parts of the digital world so you can make the choices that are right for you. If you are responsible for educating others, these tools can also support you as a teacher, parent, or help you fill other valuable guidance roles. Our goal is to promote the co-creation of trustworthy and supportive digital spaces for all of us. 

We invite you to explore our collection of tools by going to the DCRP home page and using the filter menu to find the tools that best fit your needs and interests. All tools are available in English. A subset of tools are now available in over 35 languages, with more translated content to be added over time! To learn more about the DCRP, please visit

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