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Coding for Teenagers by Teenagers

A unique innovation under SDG4 is aimed at having outstanding /well-grounded IT Teenagers to train their peers in Coding.

A unique innovation under SDG4 is aimed at having outstanding /well-grounded IT Teenagers to train their peers in Coding. Teenagers tend to understand themselves We had our coding test run which was an online training session with kids in 2017 under the supervision of an adult. It worked well. Award-winning Teenagers teaching Coding and Leadership Skills could be interesting! @Jayaike Ndu


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Target group
September 2021

About the innovation


Problems identified: Unemployment, inability to compete with developed countries in Technology Advancement and Teenage/ Youthful exuberance

Technology Education for the Younger generation at an early age and Teenagers' Engagement to promote Entrepreneurial skills and Prevent Bullying

This project aims at having outstanding carefully selected Teenagers and Young Adolescents of ages 16- 21 who can code train teenagers in streams of workshops at weekends and during the summer holidays. We intend to start with 10-15 students each in 3 locations Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland and Abuja. We already have a curriculum which would start with introducing participants to computers and technology. We have also included Leadership training sessions in the curriculum. Again these workshops will be handled by older teenagers who have taken roles of leadership while in schools such as Senior Prefects, Hostel Heads, Class Heads or Prefects etc They will also have time to go for excursions and time out to learn Pizza making and sports in an informal setting

Implementation steps

Coding for Teenagers by Teenagers
Get a facility, Laptops and we will be happy to work with your organizations in recruiting Teenagers who will train their peers.

Spread of the innovation

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