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Co-publishing platform:Inspiring underprivileged children to change the future with their own hands

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A co-publishing e-book platform for poor schoolchildren in remote rural areas of Taiwan

Discover the professional knowledge of outstanding middle-aged and elderly workers in social occupations, provide free and formulaic vocational education teaching materials to disadvantaged schoolchildren in remote areas, create education funds and co-publishing chance for poor remote students through the sale of e-books to change the fate of poverty through their own hands.


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
Create a publishing platform that can provide free formulaic skills learning and change the future for poor schoolchildren in remote rural areas.
Pei- Ji Chang ,CEO

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

100,000 students in Taiwan's remote villages were abandoned by the education system.Remote villages are regarded as resource-poor and low learning achievement areas, schoolchildren have been handed out for a long time.We try to improve the motivation of students through professional skills learning, co-publishing with them , so that they can change the fate of poverty through their own hands.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We set up a publishing platform to help professionals formulate their skills, and obtained ISBN to become officially published books, so that all rural students in Taiwan can use it for free.We cooperate with rural schools to lead students to learn professional knowledge through the author's sharing, provide skills that can change students' poverty and enhance their motivation to learn.This platform not only provides learning materials, but also enables schoolchildren in remote areas to become book authors. So far, we have published four books with rural schoolchildren.
In 2019, we won the recognition of hundrED with the "Co-Publishing Project". In 2020, we lead the rural school children to endorse urban activities, and in 2022, we publish a picture book by the rural school children combined with local agricultural products to help them use their own hands to gain recognition. So far, the publishing platform has earned $24,000 in education funds for schoolchildren in remote areas.

How has it been spreading?

We has created 22 books and e-books, and received an income of 24,000 US dollars. We have arranged models, painters, florists and photographers to help remote villages students create their own products. The number of beneficiaries has been More than 500 people. We have won three awards in Taiwan, and received 20 news reports, which were viewed by more than 100,000 people, so that the Taiwanese government and people can care about education in remote areas. The most important thing is that the students from remote villages have learned professional skills. They endorse activities for the Kaohsiung City Government and use picture books to marketing their hometown agricultural products. In the next 2-3 years, we will create 100 books and 5 local employment opportunities for rural students.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We welcome professionals with professional knowledge to provide their expertise, and arrange to edit them into formula books for free use by schoolchildren in remote areas. At the same time, they will be sold on the e-book platform, and all the proceeds will be returned to the student education fund. The work can be done by contacting "heavencts@gmail.com".


高雄山區37名國小畫家 手繪家鄉農特產促銷 - 生活 - 自由時報電子報
The platform creates picture books for schoolchildren in remote rural areas in Taiwan, combining local agricultural products
U故事/15歲社教獎得主的少女夢 張裴倢「畫出希望」帶領偏鄉童出版圓夢
The platform creates picture books for schoolchildren in remote rural areas in Taiwan, combining local agricultural products
雜誌精選》15歲社教獎得主的少女夢 張裴倢用出版為弱勢傳遞真感情 - 寶島
The platform creates picture books for schoolchildren in remote rural areas in Taiwan, combining local agricultural products
媒體攝影記者《快門之下》公益捐贈偏鄉教育 - 工商時報
Publish books for professional photojournalists and give back to school children in remote areas
放下名模身分 張筑貽偏鄉圓夢 帶領孩童走上伸展台 - 高雄市 - 自由時報電子報
Leading remote school children to learn to walk on the catwalk
「光影高雄」攝影賽 韓冰、張筑貽號召分享愛與歡樂
Endorsement of Kaohsiung City activities with schoolchildren from remote villages
高雄市最年輕社會教育貢獻獎張裴倢 用漫畫闡述生命故事
Received the Kaohsiung City Social Education Contribution Award
Create an exhibition for the elderly
女學生"退回頭冠" 走入偏鄉教走秀! | 華視新聞 20190320
Models take schoolchildren in remote villages and towns on the catwalk
15歲繪本作家 推動偏鄉閱讀風氣
Lead rural children to create picture books.
Elders & Youth Co-create Public Welfare Publishing Platform
Elders & Youth Co-create Public Welfare Publishing Platform


Co-publishing platform

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