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Chattherapy - Mamela

Your Journey to Wellness, Their Path to Education

Introducing Chattherapy-Mamela, revolutionising access to mental health support. In a world where mental well-being is often overlooked, Mamela offers a solution - a WhatsApp Chatbot providing 24/7 psychosocial therapy sessions. But it doesn't stop there. Mamela's unique approach allows users to contribute towards sustaining the platform, ensuring its continuous operation, while also giving back.


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Target group
April 2024
To make Education & Psychosocial Wellbeing a right for all. It is time to introduce more leadership related skills as part of the education system and curriculum, such as emotional intelligence and emotional resilience with its responses. Educators are one of the most undervalued professionals they too deserve the right to have their emotions taken care of. We believe Chattherapy is ready for you!

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Mental Health statistics have risen since the COVID-19 pandemic. The after effects were initially felt by Founder of Kwinana Foundation when she started volunteering her services in 2021 as a Candidate of Rapid Transformational Therapy at the time, in a school that prioritises HIV/AIDS affected orphans. Upon graduation in 2022 she was determined to help 10 000 girls and educators access therapy.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

• Simply save this number +27 680 07 3351 on your contacts
• Open WhatsApp and say “hi”
• Chat conveniently 24/7

How has it been spreading?

We’ve received great support from users and they’ve boasted that they’ve found their new therapy best friend.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

• Simply save this number +27 680 07 3351 on your contacts
• Open WhatsApp and say “hi”
• Chat conveniently 24/7

Implementation steps

Add Chattherapy
Add Chattherapy to your contacts and save:
+27 68 007 3351
Say “Hi”
Send a message to Chattherapy using WhatsApp and simply say “hi”
Chat 24/7
After your first message of Chattherapy introducing themselves to you with all that you need to know, chat away anytime, any place.
Your chats will remain confidential unless there is an indication that you could be of danger to yourself or someone else. In which in that case you will be referred to the nearest emergency unit and emergency services available in your area.

Spread of the innovation

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