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Education for Life!

Casa Bilingual Montessori School

the Netherlands
Imagine a place where your children are encouraged to explore the world around them, broaden their horizons and develop their talents. This is our Casa! Our ambition is that children become citizens of the world, lifelong learners, and independent thinkers who are open to different languages & cultures. Our bilingual approach allows children to work with & learn multiple languages each day!

What is Casa Bilingual Montessori School?

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”

Maria Montessori

Casa Bilingual School works towards a better world by creating conditions where the child can develop his/her full human potential! By fostering a rich, orderly environment where the children can move freely and are guided according to their individual needs, we meet meet the developmental needs of each child and prepare them for the challenges of life!

Our educational institution is laid out and governed by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) guidelines.

At Casa Bilingual School, we also combine these guidelines with a flexible schedule or program for working parents, multilingual families and expats – people who are in need of the personal touch we can offer with regards to their children’s education and daycare.

Our aim is to be a second home for your children, and provide an “education for life.”

The unique Casa Bilingual Montessori School is built upon six pillars:

Education via the Montessori method in close cooperation with the AMI. The Montessori curriculum is primarily based on the natural developmental needs of children. The Montessori approach to education was created by Italian educator Dr. Maria Montessori as a valuable tool to help children develop as well-rounded individuals.

Bilingual School. Casa offers the lessons in Dutch and English. Children can effortlessly learn to speak multiple languages. All lesson material is available in Dutch and English. Every group has an English speaking teacher and a Dutch speaking teacher. This approach allows children to be constantly working with and learning multiple languages on a daily basis. Our school is set up as a true bilingual campus! 

The All day, All year concept. Your child is welcome at Casa “All day, all year.” Casa’s doors are open 50 weeks of the year. Casa is unique due to the fact that school and afterschool programs are fully integrated.

Continuous Learning Path. With the addition of our Toddler group, children can attend Casa from ages 1 through 12.

Nature Education. Casa has an extensive nature curriculum, where children work with and in nature as much as possible.

Nutrition and Food Preparation. Children are involved in the preparation of snack and lunch; learning about their food and nutrition.

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