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Tailor-made learning simulations in minutes

TedoSim supports educators in creating engaging and effective learning simulations. Our innovative platform offers immersive, scenario-based simulations that make learning interactive and practical. By combining real-world scenarios with immediate feedback, TedoSim enhances skill development, knowledge retention, and critical thinking, providing a dynamic and impactful educational experience.



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June 2024
Our real-world simulations allow students to apply theoretical knowledge practically, making learning more relevant and engaging. This shift results in more engaged educators and students, practical assessments, and improved student confidence. By better aligning education with industry needs, we prepare adaptable graduates ready to excel in their careers.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We created TedoSim to alleviate the time-consuming task of developing real-world simulations and assessments for educators. Our platform offers ready-to-use, immersive simulations that save educators time and effort, while ensuring students gain practical, hands-on experience to close the learning-doing gap often faced when leaving college.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Educators are equipped with our 1) intuitive creation platform, allowing them to design and customize simulations and scenarios that fit their curriculum needs, and 2) learner dashboard, which allows them to view student progress, level of knowledge application and performance across projects and amongst peers.

The user-friendly interface enables educators to create engaging, real-world simulations without advanced technical skills, tailored to various subjects and learning objectives. This ensures the simulations are relevant and impactful for students.

We offer ongoing support and resources to help educators fully utilize the platform. This approach saves educators time and empowers them to deliver high-quality, experiential learning experiences. The result is enhanced student engagement, skill development, and knowledge retention. By collaborating closely with educators, TedoSim becomes an essential part of their teaching toolkit, driving meaningful educational outcomes.

How has it been spreading?

Each year, new educational programs incorporate TedoSim into their curriculum. Currently, the platform is used in diverse programs ranging from Marketing to Business Law and Business Ethics. With the development of our new creation platform (in beta), we will support educators across universities, regardless of subject, enabling them to create and launch custom learning simulations. Our main growth has been driven by educator word of mouth, highlighting the value and effectiveness of TedoSim in enhancing learning experiences.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Contact us at for more information, or visit to explore further

Implementation steps

Request Demo
1) email info@cartedo or click 'request demo' on our website 2)We will reach out to you and set up a demonstration of platform functionality that most suits your needs

Spread of the innovation

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