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Buddy Box

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Buddy Box was created and designed to help Syrian refugee children at my local school to communicate with other pupils. I created a set of flashcards in English/Arabic which supported both sets of buddies in communicating with each other, learning and have fun making new friends. Buddy Box now utilises speaking AI Avatars which further develop learning in any language.
"Time spent in preparation is time seldom wasted".

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Updated on July 26th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

I created this innovative teaching and learning tool to help those whose first language was not English in order for everyone to be able to communicate with others. Buddy Box has evolved into the digital world with speaking AI Avatars which help to support a wider audience.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Buddy Box can support many areas of education, promoting learning, communication and new ways in which to promote writing, reading, and many other areas of learning. Speaking avatars allow others to actively engage, making learning fun and interactive. avatars can communicate in any language, delivering key messages, and other lessons inspiring and motivating learning outcomes.

How has it been spreading?

Since introducing Buddy Box into our local school it has helped young people whose first language isn't English communicate with each other. Buddy Box is a creative multilingual tool which can help promote many messages delivering key messaging. Buddy Box can help young people be more creative, enterprising and entrepreneurial helping others to learn, set up community engagement, and can help young people create business ideas.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Buddy Box is a resource for others to engage with. Whatever your request is, I will create and design a one-off package all the way up to a full curriculum. Buddy Box can be made to order or can be scaled to use throughout educational establishments.


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February 2021
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