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How US Federal Department of Education funding bridges the gap for students identified as first generation and low income in the state of PA

Bridging the Gap

United States
While Federally Funded TRIO Talent Search programs have been in existence since 1965, Penn State University has spent over three decades rethinking how to meet first generation and low income students in their communities through the use of digital technology, social media recruitment strategies and secondary promotion counselors located in eight of the neediest districts across the state.

The drive for educational equality.

Leila Janah
“Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. ”

Leila Janah

The Penn State Talent Search Program assists over 2,000 students in eight of the neediest public school systems across the Commonwealth in matriculating to post secondary education through data driven educational interventions at a success rate significantly higher than the national average.  In order to produce college ready students the program is constantly embracing new technology, changing their curriculum and engaging with program stakeholders through developing communications channels.   
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12 - 18
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Our students attend seminars on campuses that focus not only on admission; but also what you will be doing if accepted.  These students attend...
Our students learn through experience.  Our program coordinates creative educational experiences that encourage them to explore careers. 
Mentorship programs assist students in learning new skills and exploring new post secondary opportunities. 
We celebrate our students acceptances and scholarships. 
Middle school students from McKeesport Middle School compete in a Black History Month Contest. 
Students participate in an after school partnership program. (Aliquippa School Dirstrict). 
Students learn about careers at the Pittsburgh Aviary. 
Middle school students attend a DNA presentation using their own saliva.  #stemeducation


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