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Bhore Nepal

place Nepal

Empowering marginalized Community and youth with relevant skills to promote livelihood via education

Establishment of Community learning center in the marginalized community where youth learn to tackle there vulnerability and grow from it by adding other relevant skills. Community learning center will be a safe space for every member of the community to come, learn, share and grow.


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Target group
December 2023
I hope after the effort of Bhore with establishment of community learning center we would able to promote and advocate for practical education system which provides young minds with more option to decide and choose their career.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

While working in a project for an NGO with marginalized communities I understood the reason why youth are not being able to bring the best out of them. they carried schooling knowledge but had to relevant skills on the level to perform their knowledge. To address this issue Bhore Nepal in collabration with various other NGO and community leader started a small tution learning center.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

through this tution center many children from marginalized community got access to extra guidance to their education and started learning through fun activities which generated the idea of community learning center where all the community member get access to learn and practice the skill of their choice. because of lack of proper funding despite the full support to idea from local level government Bhore is struggling to implement the idea of community learning center.

How has it been spreading?

Currently looking for a investment over the resources Bhore Nepal wants to spread the idea of Community learning center all over the province where marginalized communities are struggling

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you want to try to help Bhore over the Innovation We would be happy with providing of resources such as infrastructure tools and mentors.

Implementation steps

Establishment of Community Learning Center
step1 ; Advocating on importance of practical based learning
step 2: Take permissions and work on documentation required
step 3: Build a space to learn ( equip with resources)
Step 4: Collaborate with various stakeholders such as government and nongovernmental bodies for activities
Step 5: perform activity ( training programs) on various technical and soft skills as required
Step 6: Mentor and monitor the progress of trained trainee.
Step 7: Document and report.

Spread of the innovation

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