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Building a Pipeline for Human Capital Development in Rural Africa

Better Minds

location_on Kakamega, Kenya
Better Minds is a one stop shop for digital education services in rural areas. We offer tablet-based personalized learning programs targeting primary, secondary, and post-secondary students with the objective of improving learning outcomes and unlocking student's ability to fulfill their human potential.

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Updated on January 28th, 2021
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Building the digital education ecosystem in rural Africa

What we do?

Our program starts with a focus on early primary students, where we use low-cost tablets and personalized learning software to help students master the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy.

We also offer supplementary digital tutoring for students to improve in core subjects and perform on key national assessments, increasing their ability to stay in school and transition to higher education.

We then provide affordable, market-aligned career skill and workforce development training that students can access in their home areas. The result is that students are able to obtain jobs and improve their earning potential, enabling them to participate in the 21st century workforce and providing for themselves and their families.

Why we do it?

Across the world, in rural areas students are not getting a good return on their education. In developing countries, 86% of students are graduating from school without the skills needed to succeed in the modern workforce, resulting in a continuation of poverty and frustration.

At the same time, tremendous progress has been made in creating tools and programs for helping students learn, however, students in rural areas face significant obstacles preventing them from benefitting from these innovations.

We systematically address these barriers in order to ensure that every student is able to master key learning skills and fulfill their human potential.


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April 2020
Innovation page created on
January 2020
Received the D-Prize for a high-impact innovation with wide scale Distribution potential

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