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BETTER Early Childhood Holistic Education

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A child-centered educational model for the transformation of the child and her community.

BETTER facilitates the flourishing of the child and her community through growth-oriented human centered psychology based education, workshops and educational programs for teachers and parents. Our unassuming yet comprehensive approach develops the social, emotional, intellectual, and moral character of the child and inspires her teachers and caregivers to do the same.



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November 22nd, 2022
Every child is a genius. What we do at BETTER is helping more children become their unique selves.” ~ Magdalena Lee, BETTER’s Founder

About the innovation

What is BETTER

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Magdalena Lee, BETTER has three centers in China today. We have had eight years to put our innovative theories and evidence-based insights to the test, and we (the educators and parents) have been positively shocked by the power of our educational model to facilitate a child’s development in becoming independent, self-assured, highly intelligent, as well as human beings who care for others and the environment. In fact, our children regularly, spontaneously and successfully facilitate communication imbued with a spirit of harmony at home and in school. Our children express their empathy, compassion, and heartfelt understanding of their friends, parents, and teachers without being taught or told to do it. 

While what we do is special and impactful, it can be difficult to describe because we do not rely on one technique or practice to achieve the incredible results we have seen. Rather, we begin by addressing the adults who impact the children. Yes, our main task is actually to help adults become aware of, and put aside, their misconceived notions of the limitations of the child, and help them accurately perceive a child’s unique needs and strengths, so that they (the adults) are able to guide and educate the child in the most suitable way possible. 

In order to do this, BETTER teachers (whom in fact act as counselors and facilitators rather than “teach”) have to pass a stringent qualification process, and undergo professional psychological supervision. In addition, our “teachers” also benefit from a comprehensive training curriculum and counseling support system which ensure their continuous development and optimal readiness. We understand that any educational technique or model is necessarily constrained by the level of development the teacher themselves are able to attain.

So how is what we do innovative?

First, our educational model is designed to integrate and interlock the growth of children, teachers, parents and communities. The moral character, psychological, and intellectual growth of the parents and teachers support the same growth in the child, and vice versa. The positive and mutual reinforcement form a virtuous cycle. Workshops and educational programs which cater to parents and teachers help make this happen.

Second, our educational model addresses the foundational building blocks of human development. The moral character, psychological, and intellectual (read: cognitive) education are given equal weight in our approach. 

Moral character education at BETTER includes the core values of gratitude, respect, responsibility and care for oneself, others and the environment.

Psychological education at BETTER is comprised of developing one’s emotional intelligence (i.e. recognition, expression and regulation of emotions, delaying of gratification), concentration, independence, self-direction, etc., so as to form a stable self-concept.

Our language and math learning materials are designed to facilitate independent learning, as well as be commensurate with each child's cognitive abilities and characteristics. The child may learn through visual, auditory, kinesthetic means. 

We constantly seek ways to support the child’s intrinsic motivation to learn and build up the child’s ability for self-management and self-direction.

Third, we have regular feedback and tracking of the development of the child, the teachers, and the parents. In fact, our quarterly assessment tracks five areas: lifestyle, autonomy, relationships, emotional management, and mindfulness. Over the course of nine years, we have gathered data which show that teachers, parents, and children's scores improve at impressive rates while they are at BETTER. In our assessment of the children, for example, it takes just six months for most of the children's development to reach the pass mark of 6 (some have even 7 to 8, with the maximum being 9). After the first year of a BETTER life, the children's ability within the above five aspects are stabilized at 7 points or above, and the few children with weak ability development require 1.5 or even 2 years to reach 7 points or above.

The fulfillment of one’s potential is spontaneous and inevitable if the environment and actors within that environment are reliable, nurturing, and open to growth. BETTER is a pioneer in the synthesis of educational and psychological practices which acknowledge, protect, and cultivate that which is best within the human being.


Independence and Cooperation
Moral and Interdisciplinary Education
Giving thanks before meals
About Dr.Lee and the founding of BETTER
Dr. Magdalena Lee is a transpersonal psychologist and educator with more than thirty years of clinical experience. Born and raised in Taiwan, Dr. Lee graduated with a law degree from Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan), a master's degree in spiritual counseling from Fordham University (USA), a master's degree in adolescent counseling from Edinboro University (USA), and a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (USA).   In 2000, Dr. Lee went to mainland China to train a new generation of psychologists. This led to the establishment of psychological and educational institutes through which Dr. Lee have been able to positively impact tens of thousands of individuals and families in China. Through her work in clinical and educational settings, Dr. Lee has seen how difficult it is for adults to change for the better, and she traces the roots of these problems back to one’s childhood. As a result, Dr. Lee founded “BETTER Early Childhood Holistic Educational Counseling Institute” (贝德幼儿全人教育辅导中心) on the principles of transpersonal psychology, where she integrated psychological counseling techniques in the education of the child. The realization of human potential, in Dr. Lee’s view, can be greatly facilitated simply by reducing a child's exposure to psychological harm as well as strengthening their capacity to manage them. After nine years of implementing and refining this innovative educational approach, Dr. Lee and those involved at BETTER have seen incredible development of its children, which in turn has led to the healing and growth of their families. Dr. Lee’s commitment and hope is to benefit more individuals, families, and communities with the educational approach BETTER has found to be effective and sustainable. YANQIN YANG
Intellectual ("Cognitive") Education
Social-emotional learning & Mental Health at BETTER
Founder- Dr. Magdalena Lee tells a few stories about the children of BETTER
Parents--Bujing talks about her and her daughter's experience with BETTER

Implementation steps


These teachers must learn about child psychology and communication. They will be guided “on the job” by a BETTER certified trainer for 3 to 6 months. Then, the teachers have workshops and counseling sessions to do in order to develop personally. All of these actions are to ensure the teachers have sufficient self understanding and undergo a certain level of personal growth.


BETTER asks parents to develop personally by attending twice monthly classes, workshops, as well as undergo personal development type of counseling when it is needed. Teachers also attend similar programs designed for parents as one of the ways to maintain close contact with them.


Observe, track, and document the development of the child in order to understand the child’s unique personality and capabilities at the psychological, intellectual, and life skills levels. The child’s progress is measured against herself only and not toward a one-size-fits-all standard. BETTER offers this system of evaluation to ensure the child is able to develop a stable sense of self, self-respect, and responsibility.

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We have a comprehensive set of materials, which we will be happy to send you. We are planning to create a website to better facilitate this process in the future. Please contact Yanqin Yang at 1012059543@qq.com

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