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Bash the Trash | Music & Environmental Education for Kids

place South Africa

Bash the Trash is a locally created educational resource freely downloadable to teach children about recycling & the environment

A locally developed programme called Bash the Trash encourages children to make their own instruments out of waste & play it along to a simple song. This innovative approach was created out of a need for South African based education material & resources for children and classrooms on the topic of recycling. By proving the public with free interactive online resources for classrooms and homes.


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June 2020
Bash the trash is an initiative which call for fun and participation. The materials are easy to use and we believe that educating the environmental leaders of the future starts today.

About the innovation

Bash the Trash | Your Recycling can also have Rhythm

What we do?

This programme is easy to use and freely available for children ages 4-12 years old. Making music together is part of a socio-cultural education model which has the potential to encourage social awareness, creativity as well as begin conversations with children regarding the environment. The song was created and sun by children for the enjoyment of other children.

Music is a creative way to facilitate connection between children, share a message and allow for freedom of expression. Children will benefit in a classroom environment from the shared learning experience of Making their own instruments and playing along to the downloadable track. Stefan Uys, writer and composer of the Bash the Trash lyrics for the catchy jingle, comments that “Bash the trash was such a refreshing and different experience for us in the studio, and really highlighted how music can be used to bring people together through harmony and a common vision. The idea of making instruments from recycled everyday objects really hit home for us, as we saw the feasibility and applicability of this amazing project right from within the studio. We are really happy with the result, and we hope that in our way we have aided in the success of this incredible initiative!”.

By providing an opportunity for children to create a common beat, sing together, play instruments together, even form band – Bash the Trash seeks to encourage learning through play and crafts. Recycled materials are accessible to schools from all areas and backgrounds. By creating an online programme Retrade is inviting schools from across South Africa, and the world to benefit from this education initiative.

Why we do it?

This innovative approach to environmental education from early childhood development right up to intermediate phase schooling was created out of a need for locally created education material and resources for children and classrooms on the topic of recycling. Made by children, for children. Bash the Trash is a unique way of leaving a legacy where even the youngest South African can be aware of the importance of keeping the environment clean. We encourage schools, parents and families to get involved and enjoy the fun of learning about the environment together.

Spread of the innovation

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