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TingTing Poetry Education

How do you reinvent poetry education to make it as engaging and exciting as possible?

A new way to teach traditional poetry education using music, art & television to create & use songs that are entertaining and appealing to children.

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September 2017
We use music, painting and language to cultivate curiosity, interest and appreciation of traditional Chinese poetry and culture.

About the innovation

What is TingTing Poetry Education?

Poetry is almost it’s own language, in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.

In over 5,000 years of Chinese history, tens of thousands of poems have been composed. Currently, it is compulsory for all young people in Chinato learn traditional Chinese poemsthroughout their education. However, previous teaching methods, such as reciting poems over and over until they are memorised, have left many young people bored and disinterested in poetry.

TingTing Poetry Education has created a unique,entertaining and engaging way of learning traditional Chinese poetry by combining songs and poems. These poetry songs are shared online, on TV and in musical concerts. Over 3,300 schools now use TingTing Poetry Education as one of their teaching tools.

The concept of TingTing Poetry Education is to develop different formats of music, visual artand language to make poetry more entertaining and appealing to young people. Learners can easily understand the meanings of the poems in poetry songs, with the goal of enhancing their emotional and cognitive development through promoting curiosity, good aesthetics, observation, memory and imagination.

By allowing students to sing and write songs with poems, and record andshare these online, TingTing Poetry Education bringsthe fun of music and the ease of modern technology into traditional poetry education.Through feedback from parents, TingTing Poetry Education has seen magical changes in learners who have followed their programmes, even for a short time. Young people become much more motivated and interested in learning.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability


By combining poems with melody and encouraging learners to sing along with TingTing online or on TV, TingTing Poetry Education has motivated young people to learn traditional Chinese poems by themselves. Their learning experiences are now more fun and entertaining. With digital content available online, learners from rural areas and countries all over world can easily access high-quality poetry education.


Through the use of music and modern media, TingTing Poetry Education has hugely increased enjoyment and appreciation of traditional Chinese poetry among young people. As well as the reported fun & engagement TingTing Poetry is the no.1 popular children's tv show right now, along with it songs highlighting its popular methodology.


TingTing Poetry Education can be used all over world for anyone who wants to learn about traditional Chinese culture. TingTing Poetry Education has been used in over 3,300 schools and has subscribers from 45 countries through multiple online platforms. The most popular videos have received over 100 million views. The model can be also be easily adapted to any country with poems and music in a native language, to encourage learning of other traditional poems from around the world.

Implementation steps

Get inspiration from TingTing Poetry Education
Check out TingTing Poetry Education's YouTube videos to learn more about how the programme has reinvented poetry education in China.

There are many online platforms where TingTing Poetry Education is shared- their YouTube channel is a good place to start to get an idea of how music and poetry can be combined to revitalise poetry education. For those wishing to learn more about traditional Chinese poetry and culture, TingTing Poetry Education can be used directly to further this learning.

Think about how local or national poetry education could be improved
Perhaps poetry education at a local or national level in a different country can use the ideas of TingTing Poetry Education.

Consider ways of adding music and art into poetry education to make it more engaging and exciting. This could be applied to help young people learntraditional poems in the national language or poems in foreign languages.

Use the power of the internet
TingTing Poetry Education encourages learners to sing along online or on TV. Young people can even record and share their own poetry songs.

By combining traditional poetry with modern media, TingTing Poetry Education makes it fun and easy for learners to access and share poetry music. As online platforms are inexpensive and wide-reaching, they can be a very useful way to improve engagement in poetry education.

Spread of the innovation

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