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Sriram  V Ayer

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Nalandaway's Arts in Education program empowers teachers to create a joyful learning experience for children by creating Happy Classrooms.

Arts in Education

Through NalandaWay's art-based curriculum, the Arts in Education program trains teachers to expand upon the creativity of their students by integrating fine arts, music, drama and theatre exercises in teaching. It allows for a holistic approach to teaching in classrooms. The program enables a joyful learning experience and reduces absentism and drop-out rates.

Creating Happy Children, through Happy Classrooms

“Music, dance, painting, and theatre are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.”

-William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Education

NalandaWay envisions to create a platform, through arts, for children from challenging socio-economic backgrounds to learn life skills and realize their potential. We use the transformative power of arts for creative, therapeutic and educational purposes for children from marginalized backgrounds. 

Arts for Education is our flagship program for empowering teachers to create a joyful learning environment for children and expand the students’ creativity by integrating arts, drama and theatre exercises in teaching. It is currently being run in 131 schools with more than 1050 teachers and 34,000 children getting benefited every year.

According to several studies, our schooling system faces a number of challenges - a very high number of drop-outs in primary and high schools, a huge population of out of school children, wide disparities in classrooms and significant learning gaps in primary level. Nationally, 29% of children drop out before completing five years of primary school, and 43% before finishing upper primary school. Children from challenging situations from the poorest districts around the country find the classroom environment stifling and wearisome. In the absence of an engaging curriculum, the children from the marginalized background are deprived of a joyful learning experience.

NalandaWay uses the power of arts in significantly improving the engagement levels of children in the classroom, develops a sense of self-importance, encourages self-expression and stimulates their imagination. Our Arts In Education program trains teachers to expand the creativity of students, helps them connect better with students thereby reducing absenteeism and drop out rates.

We continue to engage with the school education departments, school heads and teachers, share quantitative improvements and case studies, and build teacher capacity towards ensuring all-around support for our program. 

The AIE program is delivered by the primary school teachers in government and aided schools within the school working hours. NalandaWay provides a structured training & orientation to the teachers in changing their roles to that of student-centric facilitators. 

NalandaWay partners with large corporate groups and trusts in implementing the Arts in Education program in more than 100 Corporation and/or Panchayat run schools in Chennai, Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Coimbatore districts in Tamil Nadu and in the Delhi NCR region.

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Innovation Overview
5 - 18
Age Group
200 000
Tips for implementation
With the help of education experts from around the world, we have designed an age-appropriate art curriculum that aligns with the state board syllabus. It consists of Art Cards and Art Projects. The teachers facilitate classes using these art cards which contain instructions and notes for them.
Contact information
Sriram  V Ayer

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