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Art and Design Program

place India

Empowering students to lead conscious and wholesome lives through design.

The public education system in India does not offer enough chances for students to engage in design related opportunities. Art Synergy's Art and Design Program conducts curated sessions for students to practice different art forms that enables them and instills in them the confidence and skills to design on their own terms and have their creations reach an audience bigger than their communities.


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May 2023
The innovation seeks a change in the attitudes of learners. It seeks to create confident learners and those who have the creativity, confidence and leadership skills to lead their lives and have positive outcomes.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The Indian education system does not allow all students to engage in hands-on activities that helps them gain confidence, polish creative skills and develop leadership qualities. Especially students in public schools need programs to engage them in relevant and practical co-curricular activities.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Art Synergy's Art and Design Program works in public classrooms and after-school setup with students to work on their design skills to prepare them to design against the problems they face in life. Our curriculum includes activities that prepare them to practice a range of visual art forms.

How has it been spreading?

Students participating in our program have designed their own line of products. They have conceptualized, measured, managed and maintained raw material inventory and created a range of designs for 2 products - charging pockets and wire organizers.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Anyone who wants to try or adopt the solution can get online or physical training from Art Synergy in conducting the activities in the curriculum. They can contact the Founder to get the training sessions arranged. (artsynergyindia@gmail.com)

Implementation steps

Understand Context and Abilities
Understand the context - type of education system and activities students have access to; and average aptitude level of students where the program has to be delivered. This step also requires the individual or organization to choose people who are art practitioners who can deliver the program well.
Gain Curriculum and Training
Get access to curriculum and receive training to deliver sessions that require a mix of different visual arts-related skills.

Spread of the innovation

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