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A free mobile app that provides tips on how adults can transform ordinary situations into powerful learning opportunities for children


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Organized in terms of physical settings (bedroom, kitchen, market, street, etc.), Apprendendo offers adults simple, age-appropriate activities to interact meaningfully with children 0 to 10. It also explains the learning potential behind each idea and encourages adults to document children’s experiences in an annotated photo album that can be shared with friends and family.

We believe ALL children can learn.

“Therefore, every adult has the responsibility to educate.”

One of the major challenges faced by the U.S. and countries in Latin America is to ensure that all children to have access to a quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic status, gender, race, or national origin. However, all too often, efforts to improve formal education systems come at the expense of laying the foundations for children to learn beyond the school context. 

It is common for both high- and low-income parents to think that a good education requires "extraordinary" methods, tools, or technologies. Parents work very hard to find the best school or extracurricular activities for children, without realizing that their most valuable contribution is the quality of day-to-day interactions.

For this reason, our app provides easy, age-appropriate suggestions on how to make the most of everyday moments with children, reaching a large number of people at a relatively low cost. Rather than creating separate contexts for learning, we help adults turn daily activities such as cooking or walking on the street into opportunities for children to learn about their surroundings. Our app also encourages adults to document those experiences through photo and text, as a way to recognize the small discoveries that are crucial to children's intellectual development.

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Intended Outcomes
1 - 10
Age Group
Resources Needed
Digital Marketing & Outreach
HundrED Criteria
Both parents regularly work long hours and do not have time to engage young children in learning activities. APPrendedo shows busy parents and other adults involved with raising children, how to engage children in learning opportunities through everyday activities.
Parents (and other adult users) are using the app regularly once they have downloaded it and are navigating through multiple ‘spaces’ that are on offer.
Brazil, USA, Portugal, Portuguese speaking African nations

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