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Acknowledging my STEM skills

STEM students, locally rooted

STEM culture is the result of what we live, our context and reality. The first step to strengthen it is by acknowledging our STEM skills. Acknowledging them places us at the center of the learning process making us capable of appreciating and building different perspectives and visions of the world to generate solutions for the benefit of the community and the sustainable development of our world.


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November 2021
"Being aware of my role as a designer of learning experiences, allows me to reach the development of 21st century skills in alignment to the principle of global responsibility based on the UN"

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

In Mexico, there is a lack of educational models that offer a favorable environment to participate in STEM learning experiences regardless of where we come from. By generating new STEM education benchmarks in schools from kindergarten through high school, we support the creation of the next generation of Mexicans with global citizenship yet locally rooted.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

At Enseña por México, our STEM culture is a transdisciplinary approach to learning where academic concepts are combined with the realities of the communities in order to inquire about local, global and cultural issues. Living this innovation required capacity building, through a professional learning program, in Staff and Profesionales de Enseña por México in the development of STEM skills and STEM mentality that recognizes how different disciplines support the work of the community by solving problems, addressing needs and seeking opportunities that generate innovations that transcend in our communities. This way, we can strengthen students’ global citizenship through the design, facilitation, evaluation and leadership of real, relevant and rigorous learning experiences focused on six STEM skills: creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving and communication and collaboration.

How has it been spreading?

We acknowledge that STEM education prepares us academically and socio-emotionally to meet the complex demands of an ever changing world. In order to respond to the educational needs of the communities, this STEM initiative began last school year in two of the ten regions impacted by the Enseña por México program; it is currently being developed in all ten. Through synchronous and asynchronous training spaces with Staff and Profesionales de Enseña por México, a STEM mentality is promoted for the design, facilitation, evaluation and leadership of learning experiences. The design and integration of the “Recognizing my STEM skills” instrument allows the recognition of the skills development during a learning experience.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

STEM education requires a broad, diverse and inclusive movement of leaders, committed to generating proposals for the benefit of the community and sustainable development. The integration of a STEM culture has implied acknowledging our communities, learning with and from them, to appreciate and build different visions of the world in favor of our maximum potential regardless of where we come from.

Spread of the innovation

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