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ACadru - Jobs of the Future

place India

Inspiring ideas and uncovered connections for 21st century job-skills.

ACadru is an idea-discovery platform which gives access to a library of multi-disciplinary online learning modules on unique topics to create careers aligned with your passion and challenges of the future. As a supplement to the existing curriculum in schools and colleges, it helps its users acquire skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.


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February 2020
With every learning module, we try to tell you a story that uncovers unexpected connections, connections that spark ideas, ideas that inspire new interests and fulfill ambitions...

About the innovation

ACadru's Brief

What we do?

ACADRU: A CADRU (means compass in roman) is a compass or a framework that prepares and points you towards the future jobs.

According to the World Economic Forum, it is expected a decline of 0.98 million jobs and a gain of 1.74 million jobs which means there would be a major skill/ job shift. It is also estimated that 133 million new roles may emerge around new division of labor between humans, machines, and algorithms.

ACADRU is a learning platform which gives access to multi-disciplinary online learning modules on unique topics to create unique careers aligned with your passion and challenges of the future.

  • Learning module is a collection of best of blogs, videos, and journals from credible & reputed sources such as New Yorker, Wired, HBR, NASA, Fast Company, etc. stitched through a narrative.

  • Exposure to subject areas that students have little to no exposure in mainstream education. And they even learn practical application of mainstream education subjects.

  • Profile/ CV building activities will help students and professionals to build job skills for today and future.

  • It is a discovery platform for national & international competitions and free online courses of EDX, Coursera and other reputed learning sites.

Why we do it?

  • Due to 4th Gen Industrial Revolution, lack of awareness about the changing nature of jobs and new opportunities available. For example, when we talk about psychology, students and professionals tend to think of jobs available in clinical psychology, counselling, or teaching etc. on the contrary there are lot of jobs also in technology, marketing, and branding, etc. for a psychology graduate.

  • Difficult and time consuming to access high quality content from renowned sources due to information overload.

  • Lack of focus on multi-disciplinary education therefore the topics are such as Art/Design in engineering, Real Science behind reel make-up, and Interpreting machine psychology etc.

  • A huge gap of relevant skills for the existing as well as future jobs.

Spread of the innovation

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