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Academias Ciencia Joven en Casa / ACJ en Casa

Young people doing science and engineering from home

In the context of a pandemic, it is essential to provide STEM learning and development opportunities for young people from home, for this reason Academias Ciencia Joven en Casa were designed, which encourages young people from Latin American countries to develop in science, engineering and entrepreneurship from their homes, by carrying out group projects in a collaborative and learning environment


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November 2020
ACJ en Casa was my gateway to the science world. I had read about scientific methodologies before, but here I put them into practice developing actual scientific research, a really unique experience.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

As a result of the global contingency due to COVID-19, a program of science and engineering academies was designed to provide a space for the development of scientific competencies and 21st Century Skills for young people from Latin American countries, from their homes during the closure and gradual opening of schools.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

ACJ en Casa is a virtual program that seeks to develop STEM competencies and 21st Century Skills in young people from their homes. For this, a virtual 6 session workshop in teleconference format is held, in which 20 students from different Latin American countries participate. The workshop is led by professionals from Ciencia Joven who, through BPL, guide the implementation of science, engineering or entrepreneurship team projects from their homes. At the end of the workshop, each team presents the results of their project, receiving feedback from professionals who also share their experiences related to the STEM area, to inspire young people to take an interest in these areas. The whole process culminates in a virtual STEM Fair, which brings together all the participating teams to share the results of their projects with the community.

How has it been spreading?

The program began in Argentina and Chile, with the participation of young people from different regions of both countries. Due to the success and interest shown by students from other Latin American countries, it was extended to young people from Uruguay and Paraguay, and then to more countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and El Salvador.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To be part of ACJ en Casa, every month we open online calls for registration, in which all interested young people can be part. We invite you to be aware of our future calls!

Spread of the innovation

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