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CommonWealth Education Innovation Alliance

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CommonWealth Education Innovation Alliance consists of 400+ key educators and leaders who are transforming the k-12 education in Taiwan through their innovation in the past 5 years. They are selected by “Education Innovation 100+” hosted by CommonWealth Education Media & Publishing (CWEMP). With the increase of 100 +team members yearly, this Alliance is leading the change in Taiwan’s education.
Cheng Li-Chiun (former Minister of Culture):“My appreciation for CWEMP in promoting this social platform. I expect that our government will set up a similar system to support educators and co-create.

Amy Ho (CEO), YaHui Chen (Editor-in-Chief), Meiman Chiang (Secretary Director)


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Updated on May 23rd, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

CommonWealth Education Media and Publishing observed a flipped education movement in Taiwan since 2014. We noticed that the educators who made changes are lonely. We honor and support them through our reports and the awards; we build up a learning community and a “platform” for them to interact and to integrate all new ideas, resources and actions and to feel the togetherness.

How does your innovation work in practice?

1) Building trust among educators--- CWEMP establishes its professional reputation through publishing magazines, books, websites etc. We try to meet educators’ needs and provide positive solutions. 2) Hosting an “Education Innovation 100+ Award '' since 2017 ---We invite an esteemed committee of jury, select carefully from 2000+ applying innovation projects/actions.We set up a full-time team of 2 to serve the growing community. 3) Initiating meet-ups, local gatherings,annual conferences and building up an active ecosystem--- CWEMP initiates chances for local educators to support each other. Small budget will be offered for educators' own initiatives. CWEMP also hosts an CW Education Innovation Conference for 8 years, where international speakers share their visions with local KOLs. 4) Bringing in resources from outside of schools--- CWEMP involves NPO and CSR to join CW Education Innovation 100+ Alliance.

How has it been spreading?

CW Education Innovation 100+ Alliance has created more than 1,000 education innovation initiatives compiled in a database. And many members become leaders in their own professional areas. And the past 8 CW Education Innovation Conferences have accumulate synergie, including over 175 top speakers from home and abroad invited; more than 27,000 participants attracted; 400+ reports published by media outlets; 7 cities and counties in Taiwan connected together; 31 company NPOs joined with in a common response. It is a growing community that casts great impact in k-12 education. More and more innovators hope to join.

CWEMP will work more profoundly and connect on a wider scale. We will promote more cooperation internationally and match more resources from private sectors.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We encourage other organizations to focus on their local innovative educators. First you have to have a consensus of what a good education should be. Secondly to find out and locate the innovative educators and their actions. Thirdly, to provide support/resource/respect to help them to make change. Lastly, take a long view and stick to your idea and vision.


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