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Youth for change

Youth in the community

Problem statement. Young people are unable to innovate their ideas to solve community's challenges, this lead to poverty in the community. My solutions. To teach young people about intrepreneural skills and social innovation skills to END poverty in the community. (SDG NO: 1) Through my website to give them a way on how they can make a change in community (END poverty)


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Target group
Students basic
February 2024
Here are changes I wish to see in education . Social entrepreneurship improvement which can help in combating poverty (SDG NO: 1) . Social innovation skills improvement to the youth, this can help the youth to have the capabilities of innovating their ideas to end poverty.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

According to UN, Sustainable Development Goals 2030,SDG NO: 1 state that no POVERTY
My passion is to rescue the community from the threat of poverty which has been affecting people for several years.
I chose this innovation because many refugees in Kakuma are only depending on UNHCR as a source of livelihood, this makes them to be unable to relay on them selves.
Thus poverty affecting their ways.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

My project want to use young people in the community as the main tool to combat poverty in the community through educating them social innovation skills on my website.

How has it been spreading?

I have been spreading it on my website.
And my YouTube channel.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Any one who want to try to reach my project, a nice way is through my website.

Implementation steps

Studying Entrepreneurship
People should study entrepreneurship skills to fight poverty
Studying Entrepreneurship
People should study entrepreneurship skills to fight poverty
Social innovation skills
It's essential to young people to learn social innovation skills which can help them to innovate their ideas to solve this challenge. I'm pretty sure this is the best step to take.

Spread of the innovation

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