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An online podcast exploring Early Childhood Development related topics linked to current research; encouraging dialogue & learning

Relate Your Research - ECD Series

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Relate your research  is an online podcast featuring researchers & practitioners who are working in the social development and education research fields. This freely accessible podcast is a platform to hear about the work & findings of social workers, psychologists, educators, health practitioners alike who are curious about the world around them. Why should research be confined to pen and paper?
Jessica Ronaasen, Social Worker & Host
"Sharing knowledge over an online platform means that ECD educators, parents and researcher are able to engage - what a wonderful way to encourage a learning network!"

Jessica Ronaasen, Social Worker & Host


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Updated on June 30th, 2022
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Relate Your Research - An ECD Series

What we do?

We generate, disseminate and preserve lessons and stories of  researchers in the ECD sector to provide a collaborative platform to share their unique experiences, creating an innovative dialogue while preserving knowledge. To encourage ECD practitioners, educators and parents to engage with evidence based discussion related to child development and learning.

Endorsed by Department of Social Work, Stellenbosch University 

Produced by Ward Wide Music, Cape Town

Why we do it?

Technology has begun to play a significant role in the approach towards preserving knowledge and sharing it with others. If South Africa hopes to have success as an innovative and inclusive society, we have to create platforms for learning which not only engage civil society with social issues but link them to practical solutions. By creating a free podcast on a multitude of platforms, this project aims to benefit society by covering a range of social topics from ECD to health and parent support and social development. These topics may be adjusted and adapted depending on speaker availability and opportunity to feature relevant topics to the issues facing South Africans. The podcast has the potential to continue to relate to research, practitioners and the general public as we link research to the work in a meaningful way.


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March 2020
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December 2019
National Development Agency ECD Facilitator of the Year

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